1. M

    Question regarding Superquadro engine

    Hi, I have a technical question regarding the design of the Ducati Superquadro engine and it goes like this: How is the crankshaft axial end play (float) controlled in these engines? I see no mentioning of thrust bearings or any way of checking/adjusting end play in the workshop manuals...
  2. mayhan1980

    Track question, lap time related.

    Those of you who regularly track their V4-V4S, what are some of the upgrades that contributed to lowering lap times? (besides rider training please) - Changing the gearing to -1 front sprocket, 520 chain? - ECU reflash alone, without an exhaust or with exhaust? - Translogic QS hardware or...
  3. K

    Ignition Wiring Question

    After installing new high-tension coils & testing the other components of the ignition system, I am now unsure of the electrical connections. (I know...I should have taken photos)! Since installing the new coils, the engine won't fire & emits a deafening backfire. So, it seems to me that I must...
  4. S

    Sprocket carrier question

    If I'm going to take off the sprocket carrier to put on a different one does a rear stand need to be used? It looks like the steps are Loosen sprocket carrier bolts Remove 55mm axle nut Remove carrier and replace So if this is accurate does the tire need to be off the ground? I dont...
  5. M

    1299s Exhaust question

    sorry if this has been posted looking to buy a full Termi Exhaust from a forum member it was on a 1199s just wondering if it would fit my 1299s. Thanks
  6. C

    Pin size for head lift size question...

    Hi Im thinking of buying the T-Rex-Racing front head lift stand and rear stand. But Im not sure what pin size I need. I read somewhere that its 28.8mm and that the pit bull one is #28S. T-Rex Racing only goes up to 27mm. Anyone know if the T-Rex Racing 27mm would fit a 1299?
  7. I

    TuneBoy Fan Setpoint Question

    I changed my fan temp turn-on and turn-off in TuneEdit_Mitsubishi. I also selected the Menu Up/Down buttons as my Cruise Nudge buttons in TuneBoyTrimMitsubisji. Do I need to reflash the ECU? Many Thanks, Brad
  8. C

    V4 embarrassing personal question. Don't judge me

    Ok guys. I completely apologies in advance to any women on here who read's this. It is embarrassing enough to ask but I don't know anyone else that rides a Ducati V4. I've asked my mates and there not taking me seriously. Does anyone else have an issue with there penis rubbing against the tank...
  9. B Topp

    Superlight quick change carrier question

    So I'm in the process of swapping out the OEM stuff for the quick change stuff and have a question about the washer that sits between the OEM hub and the bearing. It appears as thought the Superlight hub does not use it. There is a slight recessed area for it to sit in on the OEM hub but not the...
  10. C

    Question about Bren Tuning, Tune Boy and Rapid Bike

    I have a question about the Bren Tuning ECU flash Tune Boy. Correct me if I am wrong but when having a Bren Tuning ECU flash you can run a Power Commander V. I am not sure if its the same with the Tune Boy. Right now I am running a Rapid Bike Evo on my 2015 1299 along with Sprint air filter...
  11. T

    Passenger Seat Question

    I have a 2015 899. I was interested in taking my little girls out for rides every once in a while so I purchased the passenger seat and rear sets off of a gentleman on offerup. He owned a 17 1299. I was under the impression that they would be interchangeable. It appears not tho. I did some...
  12. roadracerx

    Nose fairing bodywork fitment question

    Hey guys, I can't seem to quite remember how this plastic clip fits to the fairing stay. I remember clipping a zip tie but not sure how it goes back together....anyone have a pic?
  13. T

    New to this forum. Question to Hyper & 1290 SDR Owners

    Hey guys, New to this forum, but quick question/dilemma.. I currently own a 1290 SDR and WR450 SM. I've been riding for 10 years and commute daily on the SDR. WR450 SM is my canyon/track bike. Seeing that a few of you have 1290 SDRs and have/are interested in the Hyper 950... I have to...
  14. B Topp

    Ducati quick shifter general question

    So I see that there are or were a number of people who have had issues with the OEM Ducati quick shifter. My question is what specifically has failed with the unit? Is it a hardware issue or electrical issue?
  15. ScrapperX

    Exhaust and flapper valve question?

    For those of you who put on aftermarket exhaust (full systems) on and removed the flapper valve on the V4 how much torque did you lose in the low and mid range? If you did not Dyno it please let me know how your Butt Dyno felt. Im debating on the full system for the V4 but i don't want to lose...
  16. A

    Termi question

    I have a full Termi system however would like my bike louder. Do I have any other options to make it louder ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. B

    !!buyer question please help!!

    Hey guys, I'm the market for a Ducati Panigale 1299 and recently found a bike that meets my criteria it is a 2016 model with only 900 miles on it. He has offered me a very good deal on the bike. The bike is spotless but seller stats it has an issue where it will randomly shutoff when in 1st gear...
  18. K

    Ducati monster 1200s + sc project s1 mufller question

    Hello, bought sc project exhaust s1 muffler for my Ducati monster 1200 s 2018, I noticed on idle that my rpms are pulsing, then i noticed fuel consumption increased and i have suspicion that i lost power ( havent done dyno test ). I contacted sc project about the isue but they are not very...
  19. MrBIgBiker

    ECU question

    Sorry if its a dump question is the ecu VIN related ? when the dealer plugs to the bikes port, all bike info shows including VIN or im confusing with another dealer systems ? Also would like to know if an uploaded Up-Map is "based" in the ECU or another electronic piece ? Asking...
  20. C

    New to this forum and New to Ducati question about sight glass oil level

    Thanks for the Add Picked up a 2019 Panigale V4s Love it!!!!! just now hit 625 miles and im getting ready to bring it in for its 1st service so I go and look at the oil level at the sight glass and now im confused !?!?!?! :confused::confused::confused: the manual says put the bike on a level...