1. B

    MotoGP 2019 - How many races before Lorenzo wins?

    Its the last race of the year this weekend and then straight into testing. Arguably the biggest rider move this year is Lorenzo to Repsol Honda, the question is; At which race do you think Lorenzo will win his first race? Or will he struggle for the first year? ( I assume that Honda will have...
  2. mark419ny

    Favorite races

    after watching assen Motogp it got me thinking what are some of the all time great races. please dont say the winner just the year the track and class. ill start it off. 2011 chec republic moto 2. i need something to watch until motogp comes off of break.
  3. b9009b

    CCS/ASRA Races Sept 2-3 NJMP

    I am going to be racing the 1199 and R1 there and was wondering if anyone else is racing? If not come out and watch the races.. GO FAST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. D

    Ducati 1299 Slow in races

    Hello All I have an few question about the up-maps and setting up of the 1299 for purely track racing. We have an 2015 model, Base model with Akropovic slip on. At the moment when we are racing the Ducati 1299 will lose 1 second per lap on the front group. We are useally 4th place in the...
  5. W

    Head bearing races...

    Hi all, Been searching for a while. I'm trying to remove the races from the frame on my 899. I'm unable to figure out how. Has anyone done this before? I've changed many bearings, but none without the lip that is present in a traditional head tube. Any help?
  6. Prince Albert

    Moto GP/ 2/3/ Germany -2015 (full races)

    Moto GP https://onedrive.live.com/?id=751F465ED1EC732D%21112&cid=751F465ED1EC732D&group=0&parId=751F465ED1EC732D%21107&authkey=%21AMDXgCNsitQU040&o=OneUp Moto 2...
  7. Prince Albert

    Moto GP/ 2/3/ Catalunya Spain -2015 (Full Races uniterupted)

    Moto GP https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=5225e8e3bea81d00&id=5225e8e3bea81d00%21110&ithint=video%2cmp4&authkey=%21AFD49072eo3M_BA Moto 2 https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=e68d649e092d5cd9&id=e68d649e092d5cd9%21113&ithint=video%2cmp4&authkey=%21AFQOl5QhS5AW_s0 Moto 3...
  8. Prince Albert

    MOTO GP/ 2/ 3 Full Races : Assen 2014

    NOTE: Gents, in case the video states it has reached its "maximum views," then just try to open it in a different browser such as Safari, Google chrome (my choice), explorer, etc, etc..Firefox seems to give the most problems for viewing Moto 2...
  9. Phl

    So I win 4 races to come home and

    Twist my ankle in the gap between the driveway and the lawn while unloading the last piece of gear out of the trailer. In the ER right now. Fuck
  10. Prince Albert

    Moto GP/ 2/ 3 Catalunya Full Races..

    All three Moto GP races from Catalunya Spain Moto 3 https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1gvO--xQg1JaW9iMEgybTZOaXc/edit Moto 2 https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bw6Pslt1UcP_a25MZTVIQ1lhX1k/edit Moto GP https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B82TW6oYzwsPbDhkNHpsajU2Sk0/view?sle=true
  11. Prince Albert

    Uniterrupted: Italy MOTO GP/ 2/ 3 Races

    Taking a good asspounding in my tight shitter to get these to you gents.. Please disregard my bow-legged walk:o Uninterrupted: Italy MOTO GP/ 2/ 3 Races Moto GP https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0ynUQamCkSENm80UXF5RFdjdDQ/edit Moto 2...
  12. Thamer

    One of the best races of all time!

    The best three laps of Moto GP 2009. Rossi haters will not enjoy this, but you got to give it to him...He's the Bomb! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=138450749658971&set=vb.133126583524721&type=2&theater
  13. Thamer

    What races are you guys going to?

    Okay so I booked and bought my tickets for Losial,Jerez, and COTA. Will I see any of you guys there? Hope to. Cheers.
  14. mark419ny

    USA / East Coast ama races nj saturday 9/8

    This post may be a little long and boring to some of you but I just want to tell you about my 1st experience at an AMA race and just how it reassured me about how people are genuinely good at heart. I will keep the grammar and paragraph spacing proper for all you English majors out there and I...
  15. Gunny Fitz

    AMA Races in Jersey This Weekend?

    Any members plan on attending the AMA races at New Jersey Motorsports Park this coming weekend? Thanks to my good friends Josh Hayes and his great wife Melissa Paris, we will be VIP guests again this year! I also want to help promote my friend Todd's business creating truly awesome leather...