1. H

    GiaMoto V4 Rearsets Review

    GiaMoto V4 Rearsets Review Ive had several different brands of rearsets Attack,Lightech,Woodcraft,Arrow and Gilles. This is my first set of Gia Moto here are my thoughts. Fit & finish: 10/10 These are on par with all the top tier companies in this category. All parts have excellent...
  2. tifosi1299

    1299 vcyclenut flash review

    I just want to do a quick review. I have a 2015 1299 and after putting about 6,000 miles, I was having stalling issue's. When coming to a slow stop or taking off the bike would just shut down. The bike would restart with no issues. Couple of times I nearly dropped the bike. The stalling issue...
  3. W

    Xpel PPF / thetankslapper review

    Thought I'd post something useful for a first post :) I called around locally (Sydney) for PPF and quotes were around the $1500-2000aud mark, give or take. That seemed a little too much and I came across a website 'thetankslapper' who was selling full PPF kits for $350aud shipped. Good thing...
  4. F

    Panigale V4 and Top Gear for motorcycles?

    Hi over the course of the last four months I produced a pretty effortful video/review about the Panigale V4 and am now in search of constructive critique. Ultimately I want to bring something into being which comes close to Top Gear quality-wise but only for motorcycles. I am very well aware...
  5. S

    Ducati V4R review from cyclenews I cant wait till get mine in April..Race only for me..
  6. S

    BrenTuning Panigale 959 Review

    Started off rocky due to a map being sent to me that was very rich, I believe for the Termi/UpMap being used as the base map. Probably fine for a slipon, but my bike was bone stock with the exception of a Sprint Air filter that I also got from BrenTune. The tablet is simple to use. Plug it in...
  7. X

    2018 MotoGP season review podcast

    Great to watch!
  8. R

    Need Review : Carbon-Fiber Subframe

    Hello all. I am considering purchasing a carbon-fiber subframe, for a 2017, 1299 S. (Feedback from ANY Panigale rider is welcomed, regardless of which model they ride). I used the search-engine on this forum, and while I did find some information, it did not answer all of my questions. I am...
  9. B

    MCN Long Term V4S Review

    It looks like MCN are running a V4S as part of their long term test fleet. Here's the latest review:
  10. P

    [vid] Fast bikes V4 review

  11. Nitrouz

    my little street review (pros AND cons)

    I picked up my V4S yesterday morning and have put on about 300 miles on it since, on back canyon roads. Knowing it's still in the break in period, I didn't go too crazy but have tested out the power a few times. It's fast. Noticeably faster than my 1199R everywhere in the powerband. The...
  12. Blade Runner

    44Teeth V4S Street riding review. Enjoy.

  13. S

    Roadracing World review is up!

    In the digital print edition of the magazine. Out of respect for John Ulrich and what he's done for motorcycle racing, I won't copy it here, but absolutely amazing review for those who hit the track.
  14. Nitrouz

    Rider review

    Anyone understand Spanish? dttGgKiBEvk Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  15. Kevin1199

    Pista Gp and new Pista GP-R review

    Having both I figured I'd throw out my thoughts on the helmets. The Pista GP is an awesome helmet, fit my head shape perfectly, looked amazing and awesome airflow. Was to noisy? Well they give you earplugs with every helmet just to give you an idea. Ya its loud, but cmon its a racing helmet you...
  16. Ponyboy

    1199 22,000 Mile Review, Fixes, and Repair Costs. A detailed 22,000 mile review of my 1199S including repair costs and my fixes, with a how-to on rebuilding the steering head. I can post a more detailed steering head rebuild if people are interested. Golden Gate Bridge in the backdrop....
  17. mark419ny

    Bell Pro star Ratchet review.

    i recently purchased the bell pro star ratchet and here is my review on the product. I must state i have always been a bell fan (quality and price for the old carbon stars) but they never fit me just as good as shoei or suomy. my favorite all time helmet was the suomy spec 1r extreme. it was...
  18. C

    1299S Review by biased and idiot owner

    We shot this video in 2016. Some in Istanbul Park, some in the streets of Istanbul. I tried to tell the best parts in it... What we could achieve was this: -lJ20QGLtD4 Cheers, Barkin (Barking Mad)
  19. A

    Rapid Bike Review

    I don't normally write reviews but this product deserves some recognition. I recently purchased the race version for my 2016 1299. After reading and searching the internet for months decided to purchase. The Module is fantastic. Recommendations are to put 200 miles on before it's working well. I...
  20. Kevin1199

    Pikes Peak 3000 mile review

    I've had my multi for a bit now and have had some time to really comes to terms with the bike. Since I've owned it I had the full system installed a set of Michelin power road 4s and some other bits. This bike has completely won me over, the exhaust is a must, the DVT engine feels way to...