1. W

    Cancelled S1000RR deal, got a V4S, looking for frame sliders

    Greetings guys and girls! I am in need of a spot of help.... frame sliders.......... are there any good ones for the 19 V4S, that dont need cutting of holes in expensive bits? are there any alternatives?:confused: Thanks in advance. PS located in sunny South Africa
  2. C

    MCN Shootout - V4S, RSV4 1100, S1000RR M

  3. G

    New BMW S1000RR - Well She Has Some Legs On Her !!!

    Watch "BMW S1000RR 2019 Dyno Run" on YouTube Rvqvuu7_6Us
  4. SJS

    my new (2018) S1000RR brakes better than my V4.. I'm concerned..

    So everything I saw on YouTube and read in reviews, plus the lighter weight of my V4 from my S1000RR makes me believe that it will brake better.. but from what I can tell, my S1000 feels more sure footed, and less spongy... The Ducati stopes fine, but feels "Faded".. I did install Rizomo...
  5. SJS

    just "stole" a new 2018.5 S1000RR as a "beater bike"

    So I went to the local BMW dealer with a friend to pick up his new gloves and made one of the most spontaneous purchases ever... I have a beautiful V4 Speciale but I felt so bad putting almost 2000 miles on it inside of one month that I wanted a 2nd bike... I also wanted a bike I could ride...
  6. V

    V4s v rsv 1100 v s1000rr 2019

    So as the title says, What ya all think the results of the next bike tests is going to read ? We all know the Duc is the supermodel btw. The Ape looks dated, but is probably going to be a winner. That's my guess.
  7. M

    DYNO Panigale V4 vs S1000RR vs 1299 vs RSV4

    Panigale V4 al banco vs. 1299 vs S1000RR 2015 vs RSV4 RR - DaiDeGas Forum
  8. A

    Ducati 1299s vs BMW S1000RR vs Yamaha R1M

    So I'm looking to buy my second bike and out of all the amazing bikes out there I've narrowed it down to 3 favorites, the Ducati 1299s, BMW S1000RR and the Yamaha R1M. I really cant decide between the three. I love the looks on all three and they are all incredibly fast. I live in Denmark and...
  9. Tahoebrian5

    Rapid bike question for S1000rr

    Hi guys, I'm writing to inquire about the RB module in reference to a 2015 S1000rr. And yes, I know this is the Duc forum! There is not a lot of info on the S1000rr forum and RB seems to be very popular here so I'm hoping you guys will excuse my presence here and help me out. I love how the...
  10. Stw

    2015 Bmw S1000rr or 2015 Yamaha R1M??

    Just out of interest....Out of these 2 bikes which would you choose?? and why??? I know there are others to add to the mix...but please just these 2 :)
  11. A

    Ducati 1299s vs bmw s1000rr 2015

    Hi, I'm going to buy a motorcycle but I don't know which one to buy, I'm between 1299 S and the S1000RR, which you recommend me and why. Many people said, ducati is delicate, not to strong like a bmw or a Japanese motorcycle, I want to buy reliability an exclusive motorcycle. Thanks for your advice.
  12. Desmophile

    2015 BMW S1000RR vs 2012 Panigale 1199S

    Hi all, please don't expect a hard core comparison, this is just for fun. This past weekend I rode a 2015 BMW S1000RR (580 miles on the clock Saturday morning) for 200+ miles around the Las Vegas Motorspeedway road course, at California Superbike School. First, the school exceeded my...
  13. 80shilling

    Goodbye to my BMW S1000RR with 51,324 miles on it..

    And now the waiting begins for the arrival of my 2015 Ducati 1299S. I haven't owned a Ducati since I had a 998R... Loved that bike, but it had the most uncomfortable seating position of any of the 35+ motorcycles I have ever owned. The BMW was, quite simply an awesome, missile of a bike...
  14. D

    1199 vs s1000rr

    Hello everyone I need yours help and please help me with info: I was to a track day with my new bike (1199) and even everybody tells me that this should be a very easy and good motorcycle for racing on circuit, i felt that it is very hard to operate it. first of all i think that the setup...
  15. B

    Test rode the s1000rr this weekend

    Just thought I would share my thoughts. So this weekend I decided to see what all the hype is about surrounding the bmw. I rode the 1199 for about an hour down to the dealership. By the time I got off the bike my hands were completely numb and I was sore all over (expected). I saw all the 2014...
  16. Xbox

    2015 s1000rr

    Better, or worse :confused:
  17. Ljuice26

    KTM 1290 Super Duke R on Racetrack ? vs BMW S1000RR

    Yikes.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XSmGebxiG8
  18. konrads

    so the BMW S1000RR gets just as hot..

    just saw this review and wanted to share.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL5in5vs0kU