1. 0

    New evo 2 software

    Is anybody aware of the issue of the new software EVO 2, mostly related to the track users? Better/quicker gear shifts Smoother anti-wheeling Rain maps etc? It is std on all V4R I have inquired Ducati if it is possible to install it in my 2019 V4 base. Anybody tried it?
  2. Khmer1199

    MelcoDiag-Diagnostic Software for the 1199

    I've posted this guide on a couple of different forums and I'll post it here as well. It's also available on YouTube in Breaking It Down (Part 10). MelcoDiag Guide for Windows 8.1 This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to get the MelcoDiag software up and running on a PC...
  3. T

    Tuneboy software running on Win 10?

    Hi, Can someone confirm whether the Tuneboy software runs on Win 10 OS? I'm also thinking of buying a Netbook loaded with Win 10. Regards, Yoshi
  4. P

    Rapid Bike Software

    Hi Does anyone have the Rapid Bike Software link,as the DIMSPORT - ENGINE CALIBRATION SPECIALISTS does not work? Thanks. :mad:
  5. G

    New $621 IMU? Related to DTC EVO Software Upgrade?

    Here is a question for sound advice from people with knowledge and/or good (Ducati) connections... As I am rebuilding the wrecked bike I bought from a salvage auction, I found an unexpected surprise. The IMU was missing! Either my bike's IMU got dropped/lost when the bike suffered a major...
  6. D

    Diagnostics software.

    My recent troubles with the electronics has brought the potential for failure to the fore front. One thing I realized is I don't have a way to read/ reset errors. I'd love to have the same access as dealers have to the electronics but that probably won't happen. I know tuneboy has some reset...
  7. M

    Diagnostic software

    I spent some time last night google'n for info about aftermarket diagnostic software or a scanner to look at some live data on my 2012 1199, check codes and reset lights. The more I read, the more confused I became. I own a few automotive scaneers, Snap on MT2500 and a GM Tech 2 so I value the...
  8. S

    1299 update with Anniversario software

    What's the latest timing on this? As Anniversario bikes are being delivered, we should be getting the software updates available for existing 1299 bikes soon at Ducati dealers?
  9. royal

    DDA software GPS window not showing??

    Has anyone used a DDA on an Apple Mac and know why I can't see the GPS map window? it teasing me by being hidden on the right hand side but when I try to slide it open it will not open?? Should I also see a GPS channel when I open the file? I see speed, throttle, gears, etc but no GPS. PS...
  10. R

    41t upgrade software update required?

    Just took delivery of a 2014, 1199s. The bike comes retrofitted with the 41t sprocket upgrade + 525 chain, as per what I have requested when I made the purchase. I was told by my dealer and their mech that there is NO upmap or any software upgrade needed for this modification. Ok obviously...
  11. Y

    RapidBike Master Pro Software Info!

    Since we are selling a good amount of the Racing and Evo modules, I figured, people are going to try to explore the software and have some questions that we can discuss here and of course you can always e-mail me! 1- If your not sure about what to do or you have changed...
  12. B

    Get your new software update

    I was at the dealer today to get the recall done for the left control switch supplementary wiring harness. After WAF had flagged the possibility of a new update following on from his conversation with a representative from NFI. I asked the tech whether he'd heard of any new updates. He...
  13. Xbox

    Software Updates

    Having just had my first service today, I can confirm that the Ducati Service Analyser mentioned 3-new software updates, classified as "expected": 1) Fuelling and Injectors ECU - i.e. new engine maps 2) ABS ECU - new parameters for DTC/ABS/EBC I would imagine 3) Dashboard - anyones guess...
  14. C

    Software Updates

    Hi, Ive read on different sites about Ducati might change this and that with future software updates. How are these loaded on the bike? Is it something your dealer does or a download off the web? Cheers
  15. BATMAN

    Missing DDA and Software w /Tricolore

    Anyone else recieve their software and memory stick at delivery? If not any info on when??