1. 0

    Standard clutch cover finish..

    Has anyone elses gold finish on the clutch cover partly come off? My friend tells me its because i left it dirty/grease on it for too long.. How it can eat away at the paint is beyond me, so i thought i'd ask the fellas here if anyone else had a similar issue. Mileage - 6000. I have...
  2. I

    Noob Q: Slipper clutch come standard on 1199S?

    Hey guys, I have googled around and I feel like I'm seeing both Yes and No. So, please pardon this total newbie question: Did the 2013 1199S come with a slipper clutch as standard equipment? Thank you in advance to all who know more than me :D
  3. C

    Installing Bitubo drop in fork system into 1299 standard

    Some imput please. I have a 2015 1299 panigale. What are your thoughts if I dropped a adjustable bitubo adjustable fork drop in suspension into my standard 1299 panigale. Is it worth it or should I keep it the way it is. i track my bike about 10 to 12 times a year. The rest is street...
  4. T

    Can the standard 1299 exhaust system fit a 1199?

    Hi, I am thinking of fitting a standard 1299 exhaust system onto my 1199S. If I get the standard headers and mufflers, will it be a bolt on fit to a standard 1199s 2013? I've heard it can be done but you need to replace the right handside lower fairing. TIA
  5. W

    Tune boy "standard" map changes vs OEM?

    I have a stock 1299 and purchased the tuneboy to clean up the low throttle/low rpm fueling/surging. If I flash the tuneboy tune designed for a stock 1299 what differences will there be vs the stock tune from Ducati? Does it richen up the low rpm/low throttle area? Or do I need to do some...
  6. C

    Ducati 1299 Bulb Replacement on Standard Model

    Hi All, Just wanted to find out if anybody has successfully replaced the low-beam bulb on the base model 1299? I reviewed the manual and from what it states all that is needed is to turn the bulb connected anticlockwise to remove it. However I have noticed that the bulb connector gets...
  7. M

    1199 S Vs 1299 Standard (first post)

    Hello everyone! I have been offered a good deal on a 1199 S and was very impressed when I rode it last week. I then jumped on a new 1299 S... Based on my feelings, the 1299 S was smoother in the power band but on the roads it was hard to tell the two bikes apart. It's going to be a...
  8. J

    1299 standard or 1199s

    Looking to upgrade from 1098s to pinagale. I have option on the 2015 1299 abs or 2014 1199s. What is the right choice?
  9. M

    1199 rear spindle spline standard

    Good morning everyone! I was looking around to see what size/standard the spline on the rear spindle was, but I am having trouble locating it:confused::confused:. Would anyone on here have any idea? Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. Wolf

    Competition Werkes Standard Eliminator

    Does anyone have the fitting instructions for the standard kit ? I wanted to see if I can tailor my old 848 eliminator kit to kit the 1199. Thanks
  11. K

    Is the flange on the Termi Exhaust Cans the same as standard?

    Hey, Does anyone know if the flange on the termi exhaust system is the same as the standard exhaust? I am talking about this flange here Reason i ask, i have a someone that wants to borrow my standard system to get there bike rego and i was thinking rather than installing all the...
  12. M

    Upmap with standard cans

    I will save you from the details of why. But my 2012 Tric has the Termis removed and the standard cans put on thing is the upmap is still on the bike. Will this be ok? I don't have the upmap key to have to option of removing the map
  13. mark419ny

    gp shift or standard

    just curious as i for one use gp shift on all my bikes. what do you prefer.
  14. M

    1199 standard vs Tricolore differences

    I've tried searching but I wanted to ask those who would know best. What are the main differences between these models? Besides paint of course;)
  15. P

    1199 Panigale with Gold Magnesium wheels

    I have just placed an order for a Panigale in Singapore and i am considering putting some Gold Magnesium wheels. However i don't want to be stuck with the standard wheels. Can anyone advise, should i request the dealer to provide the Magnesium wheels or should i search and buy separate? In...
  16. filthy animal

    For Sale 2012 Panigale (Standard) for sale $15,600

    This is a private sale and I am selling my Ducati Panigale (standard model) with approximately 2,700 miles. The bike is flawless, has never been crashed or laid down and has been kept indoors while not in use. First service was completed at 600 miles by the Ducati dealership including all...
  17. J

    Standard suspension settings for 1199 Base

    Does anyone know for what weight of the rider the factory standard suspension settings are set for? Also, what is the "normal" street setting for F or P. Seems mine is set at F (arrow pointing down at F). My weight is around 190 pounds with gear. The stock setting seems a little on the...
  18. Scorpio66

    Panigale S - Standard SAG?

    Does anybody know what is the standard SAG? I heard Ducati used something different from the usual 75 kg (167 lbs). Thanks
  19. Bowdy69

    Back to back set up standard ABS and S

    So, first proper track time today, rode both bikes at Eastern Creek, 27 deg dry and clean track... First rode the standard with the full system, using the stock fork internals and "soft" rear shock, it took a short while to dial in the forks but by the time I'd settled in... The forks are...
  20. falco

    My New Standard Tricolore

    First able, I love the look of the tricolore, but I could not afford the price tag. Second able, I truly like the standard suspension. IMO it feels more planted (the front), when pushed hard. So, we the help of some members, some creativity and trial and errors, I built my tricolore. I am...