1. mark419ny

    i thought there was a suspension sticky

    can someone point me out to the suspension sticky for the 1199s. i see one for 1299 s i guess its close enough but i could have sworn there was one for the 1199
  2. 80shilling

    Ducati 1299 Suspension and Handling Settings

    I have been riding with my 1299S in FIXED suspension mode for a few days now and find that I prefer it that way for extremely spirited street riding. Not to say that the Dynamic mode isn't brilliant, because it is, but with fixed, I can get the suspension set exactly to my SPECIFIC tastes...
  3. gman74

    Here's your STICKY

    Knock the bantering off NOW!!!! This new forum is getting out of hand. If you don't know what I'm referring to, read almost any topic. And if you really don't know, then it probably is you. Almost every other posting topic has some sort of unfriendly comment. Some minor and some totally uncalled...
  4. U

    Sticky clutch

    Has anyone had any problems with the clutch yet