1. T

    BrenTuning Flash Development (Tech Talk)

    I get a lot of questions regarding the BrenTuning Flash. I wanted to dedicate a thread to explaining the details and steps it took to get the flash from an idea to the motorcycle. BrenTuning already has an amazing reputation with the Ducati Panigale. I haven't spoke to one person that was...
  2. panigalespacers

    Let's talk about Throttle Slop!

    Anyone who has done his/her research on throttle slop (comes with the ride by wire throttles) isn't necessary, and certainly doesn't enhance rider safety! So for those of you who have purchased a Ducati Throttle Spacer Kit...
  3. mark419ny

    the talk is starting

    I guess yamaha and everybody else is FINALLY realizing what i have been saying since the ducati days. 10 will never happen. results are getting worse and you need to actually win races to be hopeful for the title. Zarco saying exactly what i have said for years. you HAVE TO be on a factory...
  4. Kevin1199

    Lets talk about the next gen superbike

    Got a little drunk the other night talking with some fellow riders about what the next generation of superbikes are going to be like. Granted this is purely speculation and just where I think the superbike market will go. 1. Electronic suspension getting better. I believe we will keep seeing...
  5. c8h10n4o2

    About to order a brand new 1299S, talk me out of it

    Hey guys... first post, woo! This week, after months of agonising, I've decided to order a brand new 1299S. I've compared it against the traditional liter bikes that are out there, but I still come back to the 1299. The demo I rode the other day didn't exactly put the bike's best foot...
  6. D

    Let's talk eBay rearsets

    So I am looking for rearsets to improve the footpeg grip. I know there are high quality but expensive rearsets out there, but I want to talk about the eBay specials from china. I know some people have purchased from eBay and have been pretty happy with their purchase. What I'd like to know is...
  7. J

    Let's talk about manifolds

    So finally I'm about to start my exhaust project. Finally got my tig welder. So it's going to start out stainless and then be finished into ti later this year. Just waiting on some metal to show up. But what I want to discuss is manifold length. These motors obviously respond to the...
  8. Badlarry

    Lets talk ebc..

    Edit: Lets talk clutch... Ill start with the disclaimer that I did search for a little while before this thread. After I got my bike home a few weeks ago and rode those 40 miles or so before the forks took a chit I set up the race mode parameters to my liking with EBC set to 3 or in lamens...
  9. mark419ny

    lets see all the double talk now

    ok so when the 2015 s1000rr came out people were wow the hp4 people will be pissed. i was like no because thats the bike i wanted in the color scheme i wanted with all the goodies i wanted. not only that nobody knows how much the 2015 s1000rr will be. bottom line you cant get the hp4 anymore...
  10. Sergio1199Panigale

    OK, slider talk time......Thoughts?

    So I'm gonna get some sliders installed when I do my 600mi service in a week or so. Who went with non-drilled ones? I'm leaning towards the ones that don't require drilling. And what about spools and axle sliders, worth it?? Thanks fellow Ducatista :D
  11. Stw

    All the talk about Rossi vs Marquez vs Stoner Etc

    How about this guy??? One of the greats for sure.. 'Mike the Bike' rides again: The tragic story of Mike Hailwood told in new documentary - Motor Racing - Sport - The Independent
  12. Kevin1199

    Lets talk about levers

    Looking to upgrade my levers, kind of liking the Ducati performance one curious if anyone has these or which one everyone is leaning toward. I've had shorty levers on my last bike but kind of liking the full length again. So lets see what everyone is goin with.
  13. R

    Much talk about electronics attachments (iphone/GPS)

    aside from the mounting hardware; where are you guys getting the power from? will it draw too much from the charging system to run efficiently and will the bike start easily after use? it would seem that one could use the same attachment wire as the battery charger? Or, do you plan to go to...
  14. M

    Let's talk Marzocchi Front and Sachs Rear on Base

    Starting a thread for us base or potential base guys to discuss the suspension. Guys in the UK with base models already - any thoughts on the new pressurized aluminum fork? It would be great to start getting some real world feedback. If you have experience with Ohlin units. Even better...
  15. J

    Tech talk after training with 187 hp at wheel?

    Ducati 1199 Panigale Technical Training - YouTube check it out. pretty cool