1. tyguidry

    Dreaded thermostat replacement-hoses too?

    I've been cursed with a dying thermostat. Its been leaking coolant very, very slowly since I pulled the bike from hibernation. Since ill be yarding it out im considering going with the samco silicone hose kit. Couple of questions for you guys experienced with this lengthy endeavor; Are the...
  2. C

    thermostat housing

    I have identified that my thermostat housing (squirter module) is leaking the agent says the part is not serviceable and a new unit needs to be fitted? Is this true because the unit from what I can see looks as if it can be opened ? The thing is made of plastic and sits between the two...
  3. 9

    Race rads and the existing thermostat valve.

    When fitting larger race rads and oil cooler, is there really any benefit in dumping the thermostat valve from an overall running temp perspective? As I see it, the thermostat will allow water to short circuit in the motor until it is up to temp, after which it diverts it out through the rads...
  4. K

    Major Coolant Leak Panigale R from hole near thermostat

    Morning all Sad news again! Last night while riding the bike the temperature went to 120 and read high I stopped and notice coolant pouring out of this hole with air pressure behind it ! it wasn’t just dripping it was like a pressure washer ! blowing it probably 2 ft out of the side...
  5. zx7md

    Thermostat housing leaks parts are on order.

    Hey guys do you know how long it will takes to Ducati send the parts to my dealer? My bike is there sense last Wednesday. I asked the dealer but they say that they ordered last week and Ducati doesn't have a system to track the order. :confused: Thanks...I just wanna ride the bike:rolleyes: Is...
  6. BowHunter

    Thermostat removal

    It seems that removal is a pita.... Any advise or suggestions ?