1. T

    Thumb rear brake for a v4

    Fellow racers, did anyone install a thumb rear brake on a V4? Does anyone make a kit? I really want to use rear brake to take advantage of extra braking capacity that comes with it, and slide by brake electronics, but I find it very awkward to be pressing down with the right foot than my ass...
  2. K

    Brembo Thumb Brake

    Is anyone using this by chance? Thumb 11 | Master-cylinders | Racing | Motorcycle Brakes Configurator
  3. gnance

    Superleggera Thumb Controls

    What's the trick for using the thumb paddle controls? Doesn't seem to do anything when I touch either one. I have it in race mode too.
  4. I

    Upmap thumb drives

    Hey guys, looking for clarification preferably with a picture. My bikes now 6months old. Got the termi slip on's done at delivery. I'm now looking into getting the manifold for the full system... Problem I have is my dealer never gave me any thumb drives for the standard cans or the slip on's...