1. J

    For Sale 2018 Ducati Panigale V4S - 1,200 miles

    Up for sale is my 2018 Ducati Panigale V4S - Mileage is approximately 1,200. All recalls have been performed except for the latest one I received. Asking $24,000 obo. Located in West Des Moines, Iowa I'm selling because I don't ride too much any more (as you can tell by the mileage) and it's...
  2. W

    Cancelled S1000RR deal, got a V4S, looking for frame sliders

    Greetings guys and girls! I am in need of a spot of help.... frame sliders.......... are there any good ones for the 19 V4S, that dont need cutting of holes in expensive bits? are there any alternatives?:confused: Thanks in advance. PS located in sunny South Africa
  3. E

    More necessary MOD's on V4s

    Next week i will have got my Panigale V4s 2018, and i'd like to know what are the more necessary MOD's. And not very expensive, please. The use is 70% street, 30% circuit. I only have the spacers throttle, now. What more?? Sprocket 15T?? Healtech eliminator exhaust?? BMC air filter...
  4. W

    Rear Shock V4s

    Hi Folks Has anyone replaced the rear spring on a V4s? The spring rate is 95 Nm and 175mm long it appears Ohlins dont have a direct replacement,looking around the only replacement I can find is 160mm long .If this is the case a 15mm spacer would have to be made to get you back to the 175mm...
  5. M

    V4s headlight delete - help is needed

    Hello After few trackdays i decided to complete convert the bike into track bike ONLY! I've ordered complete plastic race kit, but after i disconnected the headlight i get error on dashboard! Any ideas how to solve this isssue? Regards Martin
  6. S

    Termignoni Titanium 4 USCITE Full Exhaust Install on Panigale V4S (help)

    :( I got the Termignoni full titanium exhaust kit for the V4. Even though the Termignoni website suggests that the install instructions are bi-lingual, starting on page 7, the instructions are all Italian. Ok, I used Google Translate to make my own querky set of English instructions...
  7. A

    What are everyones thoughts on the 'NEW' 2020 V4's

    Not a whole lot of discussion currently regarding the updates, maybe there wont be as it appears to be primarily aesthetic changes with some chassis/electronics tweaks. Either way I thought I'd start a thread where people can compile their thoughts and opinions. Personally, Im not a fan but...
  8. N

    Trouble starting the V4S

    Hi Guys, Has anyone else had trouble starting their V4 in the morning? It only started after my first service, and at first it seemed to coincide with it having been ridden in the rain, but the last two mornings have disproved that. In the last 6 weeks, it's probably happened once or...
  9. L

    V4s first oil change and bronze fillings

    Greetings, first post, second Ducati. My question, I dropped the oil at 177 miles and noticed bronze /copper micro fillings at the bottom of the oil drain pan after overnight sitting. Any other V4 owners noticed the bronze? The magnet had minimal fuzz WITH NO CHIPS or anything larger . I have...
  10. S

    New Panigale V4s Corse

    Hey hey everybody. Bought my very 1st Ducati yesterday. V4s Corse, 1st new anything I've ever owned. 1mile, I'm excited. Cant wait to put little trinkets on it make it my own and little accessories. Saw a post the other day about someone having blemishes on tank from wear with the flat paint...
  11. Drax

    '19 Ducati Panigale V4S Build Log

    I am adding this thread to post progress pics of the mods I add to my 2019 V4S. I will update the subject line once I come up with a name for the bike - which I can't really do until I ride her outside of the break-in period. This first photo is the bike as-delivered, with the tinted tall...
  12. Drax

    Lane 2 and a half, California

    Hey all - I just picked up a ‘19 Panigale V4S, and am only about a third of the way through the first break-in. Staying under the RPM limit is an exercise in patience. Normally I split the traffic on the highway out here in Cali, but yesterday cars were actually passing me. It's a bit...
  13. S

    Test rode V4s today.....price help

    Hello hello all. Today was a dream come true, after wanting a 1199, and then a 1299, and now wanting a V4. Im in the position to purchase. I currently ride a '17 ZX-10r with full akra, air filter and flash/tune making round 191hp. Today tho I did a demo ride on a V4s. The bike is amazing, love...
  14. C

    Has anyone changed the rear ride height (V4S) to get more front end feel?

    It's probably just me (in my head) but I believe the V4S lacks front tire feel. If you've performed a basic sag you'll know the spring rates on the stock 2018 V4S are completely unsorted (which I hope to address this winter). That being said, one way to get some additional feel is to lower the...
  15. Todd H

    V4S Cutting In & Out

    If you have accidentally pushed the shifter enough to "pause" the engine for a second, then you know what I am attempting to describe.... Recently my V4S has begun to experience fits of the engine surging or cutting in/out hard. It seems to happen anytime I want to accelerate after...
  16. Desmophile

    From 2012 1199s to 2018 V4S, riding impression

    I killed my dear 2012 1100S on a cold wet day when I should have stayed in bed. Thought I was going easy, but not easy enough, lost the front end and the bike wound up on top of me with the throttle pinned and it ran the bearings to death. Shi..... Although I could barely get in and out of...
  17. N

    V4S headlight loom/front fairing removal

    Hi guys, Does anyone have the front fairing removal instructions? I’ve seen the service manual (with links to instructions I can’t access) and side fairing posts, but nothing with details on removing the headlight fairing. I’ve only had the bike 3 days, and got to the point where it...
  18. B

    Want To Buy Panigale V4S - right Ohlins top connector

    I broke the tab on my top right fork and now the DES isn’t working. I want to buy a replacement piece. Thanks.
  19. R

    Picking up new v4s

    Hi... I am picking up my new V4s this Saturday. Wondering if any of you received any items with your new bike? I was told there is a battery charger that comes with it. Cheers
  20. C

    Insuring a V4s

    What’s everyone paying for insurance for there V4S? I live in Melbourne and have been quoted $3700 by RACV and an astonishing $6700 from AAMI. I have a feeling RACV it is but damm that’s a lot of money considering the bike will spend most of its time in the garage.