1. D

    Wheel swap fitments guide exist ?

    Is there a list or guide of what wheels will just swap right onto another bike anywhere ? Example, I have 996 with that 3 spoke wheel and the 5 spoke is nice but I'd rather have a wheel set from the 848 or 1098.
  2. C

    Want To Buy WTB Ducati 848 Rear Wheel

    WTB Ducati 848 rear wheel in gloss black. Looking for good condition. Would also consider a set of gold wheels.
  3. S

    For Sale CNC Racing Wheel Nut Set GOLD

  4. JackAttack

    Wheel / Rotor question

    Hi all, need some help. I need to get a second pair of wheels to put road tires on. I have an 899 and found a rear wheel on ebay. But the closest I found was a 959 front wheel, guessing that is probably an exact match to the 899 front? Also, the front wheel I found has rotors included. Can I...
  5. D

    Wsbk Marchesini Rear Wheel Coffee Table Commission

    Hey all, Some of you may know me, i recently started up a company called Codex Motorsports, after much deliberation about a name. I deal in WSBK Ducati parts mainly from the start of the Panigale era. Anyway, I have some damaged wheels that are no use for riding any more, they have...
  6. Trauma

    Bent Wheel

    Putting on a new tire to day, I noticed my front Mag has a bent/scratched lip. I have no idea how or when this happened. Is this what a pot hole does, or something else? Is it repairable? TIA
  7. P

    Help! Question about wheel bearings / Axle - swapping wheel

    Hello, this is my first post and I'm a new rider. Would love to get my bike back on the road asap! So thanks in advance. I cracked my wheel a few weeks ago and I found a seemingly exact wheel on ebay for a good price and so I bought it. My bike is a 2009 ducati 696 The wheel is from a 2013...
  8. S

    Rear wheel tilted right? (1199)

    Hey guys, hopefully someone here might have info on what might be the culprit and can help with my situation. I have acquired a 2012 1199 Tricolore (4500 miles) via a dealer trade on my 2018 MV Agusta F3. The 1199 looks to be in excellent shape but I noticed from the very 1st ride it handled...
  9. jbraslins

    Wheel speed sensor issue? Possibly tire size change related?

    My v4 has 1500 miles on it and I've done 3 trackday weekends on it without issues. Yesterday, during a cruise around town, three times I ran into an issue where suddenly bike showed following errors all at once: - ABS - DES (Dynamic Suspension) - DSC - Check engine light On top of that...
  10. R

    Should a 2010 Multistrada 1200 be able to pull the front wheel in 2nd gear?

    Just test drove a bike that I am considering buying. It is a 2010 Multistrada the Non S model. The bike seemed to run well. Although it did sound a bit odd compared to the V4's and the inline 4s that I am used to. The bike came right up in 1st gear. But I was a bit disappointed that it...
  11. A

    Rear wheel nut thread ?

    I cant get my rear nut off , is loosening rear wheel nut counter clock wise ? Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. C

    M796 rear wheel swap

    Hi everyone, I am intending to swap the wheels from 1199 panigale S because i can buy the whole front forks with very good price so Probably the front wheel will fit in but what about the rear? Have anyone done that? Thank you
  13. Desmophile

    wheel size V4 vs 1199

    Hi guys, thinking about selling the 1199s and going to the V4. I have 2 extra set of S wheels, and I am happy with their value proposition. On paper they appear to be the same size as the V4 wheels. Do they fit the V4? thanks, paul
  14. Blade Runner

    Rear wheel, a bit of helpful info.

    The rear forged wheel on the V4 is not the same as the rear wheel on the 1199s and 1299S models. The reason I post this is I was wondering if I could use my spare set of wheels from my 1299s on a V4. Yes it is the same chicken style spoke but the spokes are a bit thicker. The one thing I am not...
  15. R

    Torque Spec for 1299SL Rear Wheel?

    Question - Is the torque spec for the 1299SL same as all the other bikes.. 230Nm ? cheers
  16. N

    BST Wheel Failure

    This is not my bike. I think this guy is on this forum, but don't know the username. Here is his IG: https://www.instagram.com/ducjockey58/ Copied his version of the events: ***Panigale 1299S with BST carbon wheels alert*** My BST rear wheel came off at Chuckwalla after the rear brake...
  17. W

    Monster 1200s 2016 front wheel same?

    Is the 2016 monster 1200s front wheel same as 129o base model wheel? Can be use on a panigale 1299?
  18. P

    Want To Buy Want to buy: 1299s front wheel axle, fork...

    1199 OEM windscreen ,OEM tail tray and the under tail black fairing11 or 12, OEM tail light, seat cowl, or a complete 1299 tail! shifter, race faring stay 1199 or 1299, race faring 1199 or 1299, Thanks for checking
  19. M

    SALE: OZ Motorbike GASS RS-A Forged Aluminum Wheel Set: Ducati 1199, 1299 Panigale

    OZ Motorbike's latest lightweight forged aluminum wheel is lighter than most cast magnesium wheels. Available in very limited quantities. Temporarily discounted because of favorable exchange rates. OZ Motorbike GASS RS-A Forged Aluminum Wheel Set: Ducati 1199, 1299 Panigale Was:$2497.00...
  20. able duc

    Want To Buy Wanted forged rear wheel 1199/1198/1098

    Looking for a forged back wheel for my 1199 I can use an 1199 /1198 or 1098 could also be a streetfighter S wheel PM me if you have one.