1. P

    Want To Buy WTB Left Tail fairing in matte black, left clip on bar, dark windscreen

    Hey everyone, I have a 2014 1199s Panigale in Matte Black. There was some left side damage from it falling on the side. Looking for the outer rear left side tail fairing. Looking for factory in matte black, used or new, doesn't matter. Preferably made in Italy and OEM. Also need the...
  2. DukeSilver

    Clear or Tinted Windscreen?

    This will be my first TFT display. Is a tinted windscreen recommended for better viewing in full daylight or can it be seen just as well with the stock clear windscreen?
  3. Desmolvr

    Low Dark Windscreen

    Happy Monday - I am helping a friend that has a Speciale and is looking for a lower then stock windscreen. He would like to find one in either matte carbon or dark tint. I have looked at most of the vendors and no luck so I thought I would reach out to the group. Thank you in advance.
  4. SJS

    windscreen rubber molding keeps flying off

    WTF? I would expect a high speed motorcycle would have that attached more security.. twice now it started to come off while riding under 80mph.. Anyone have a fix for that? ideas? Thanks
  5. E

    For Sale OEM Ducati Panigale Clear windscreen - $60

    Up for sale is my oem windscreen that came off my 2015 899 panigale. Willing to ship or do local pickup. Asking $60 shipped DM me for pics.
  6. F

    Heated grips for V4S? How's the taller windscreen?

    I searched for an answer here but couldn't find one: does Ducati make heated grips for the V4S? I'm using mine partially for a fast touring bike (just did a Bay Area to Las Vegas round trip; awesome!) and heated grips would be nice. Ironically, the dealer agreed to include grips and the tail...
  7. S

    For Sale Ducati Performance Tall Windscreen 1299/R

    Brand New Ducati Performance Tall Windscreen Fits 1299/S/R Never used still in bubble wrap. However, it came with my R (in the R box not installed) and there was a trim lock strip that I removed to use on my Zero Gravity Windscreen. Some adhesive reside remained in a few small spots along...
  8. R

    Panigale 959 Windscreen Scratches

    Hello guys, This is my first post in here and I really hope someone can help me out. So I was one of the idiots who thought you just unscrew the T7 bolts on the windscreen and jobs done (I cant stop cursing since then) so now I have a windscreen sitting in my living room until I get the courage...
  9. redline87

    Ducati OEM Clear Windscreen off 2015 Panigale R

    Upgraded to smoked screen. No longer need factory screen. $50 obo. Price does not include shipping but I can provide label at discounted rate.
  10. Jayman4911

    For Sale 1199 windscreen

    Sold Ducati 1199 Dark tinted windscreen Small rub mark at the top (it's from my bike cover) Really hard to get a picture of it. $20 + shipping
  11. v4speciale

    V4 Speciale Tinted Windscreen

    I figured I would take it upon myself to make a tinted windscreen seeing's how no one else has came out with one yet!
  12. J

    Brake Reservoir hitting Windscreen

    I had this problem while building the 1199 track bike, and now that I'm transitioning the 899 to a track-only bike I've got the same issue. My brake reservoir hits the windscreen and nose fairing really badly. Does anyone else have this problem and how have you dealt with it? I've...
  13. K

    Want To Buy WTB DP Windscreen Clear

    Looking to buy CLEAR DP Windscreen for a 959, not sure if they are different btwn the models...
  14. Streetz

    MRA vs DP Windscreen

    Hello everyone. I currently have an MRA windscreen on my 899. Just wondering if the DP windscreen is taller. Hard to tell from pictures. MRA DP Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. A

    Ducati Performance tall oem tinted windscreen for sale

    On ebay $99 shipped. Perfect condition.
  16. B

    Brake fluid damage to windscreen

    Hello all, I got some damage to the windscreen and my tft screen. I was able to get Ducati to goodwill the windscreen but they want nothing to do with the tft screen. Anybody have any luck trying to polish out the display screen? Or any advice on how to polish it and or products to use. I'm ok...
  17. P

    Car Body Clips for Windscreen attachement?

    I have an MRA Windscreen at my 1299. I had read somewhere that the Windscreen can also be attached with car body clips (as in the photo). Does anyone know? Thanks Piri
  18. Mrdcook2

    Windscreen bolts

    OK, sorry if this has been brought up before but does anyone make aftermarket bolts for the windscreen on the 1299? I want to get black bolts to match the fairing bolts. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  19. M

    ZERO GRAVITY Corsa Windscreen: 899/1199

    ZERO GRAVITY Corsa Windscreen: 899/1199 Was: $109.95 Sale: $104.45 * All Zero Gravity windscreens offer superior optical quality, strength, fit and finish Corsa Series windscreens provide increased wind protection while tucked in behind the screen; especially good for larger ridersAdds a...