1098 S - Oil Leak

Nov 2019
Just bought a 1098 off a good friend. After he transported it down we noticed a small oil leak. He swears this is a new development and I believe him. After I run the bike in my garage for 10 mins I don't see a drop... but when I pulled in after a 10 min ride it dropped about a water worth. Appears to come out of bottom left side. Radiator cowl had a good amount of oil on it, but after remaking it and letting run in garage I don't see any drip.

Wondering if the pressure of riding it vs idle is why it dropped before. A friend of my said it might be a Breather catch valve, caused by blow back.
Nov 2012
Yonkers, New York USA
if its dripping from the crankcase breather hose....which now comes from the air box(not sure its point of origin on a 1098)....you'll only see the oil after its on the side stand (after a ride) when the blow-by collects in the air-box then drains out of the back left side corner down the hose to under the bike -- this has been an issue with the 1199/1299 bikes for a few years....an official recall is now addressing the issue
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