1299S headlight function

Dec 2019
USA: Philly Pa & Venice FL
I have a 1299S with factory LED headlights. My service manual states the following:

Left-hand switch
1) Dip switch, light dip switch, two positions:
(A) every time it is pressed down the light switches from low beam on to low beam and high beam on;
(B) pushed to the sidehigh beam flasher
(FLASH), "Start-Stop lap" function.


Now that I have referenced the above instructions, I gather that when the high beams are engaged by pressing the switch down (to lock high beams on) that the low beam is intended to stay on with the high beam.

My low beam switches off when I engage the high beam, both when I flash by pulling the switch in as well as when I push the switch down.

How do your headlights behave?


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