2014 Ducati 1199 Superleggera Pictures and Info

Aug 2015
Rosena ranch
good buy. enjoy it a special bike
Thanks man, you know I thought about it for a long time before purchasing one. pre-owned was good I'm glad I was financially busy in 2014 remodeling two homes. but anyway came across one for sale used with low miles and thought about the R model and said hell no for 10k more got the SL. Also all those haters saying its a bad deal even at 65k its a great deal. Maybe those same people have never ventured into the extreme limits of motorcycles or motorcycle racing. I've built bikes and to get to this level of a bike with a factory warranty its easily a great deal. I've spent 8k on titanium fasteners for a bike, 4k on factory mag wheels, to top off the factory lightened crank and magnesium frame with an aluminum fuel tank. its a no brainer. I love the Ducati guys saying the R model is a good deal and the SL is not. Us Suzuki guys are laughing... honestly I bought the SL as an experiment, for my own comparison on canyon and race track use and honestly it was a good deal. If you're riding a Ducati, you're not really riding it because its the greatest bike lets be honest, its also not the easiest to ride, cheapest for replacement parts, cheapest on labor or easiest to maximize throttle control with a big twin. You're buying the bike because of its heritage, its looks, its sound and its captivating attention it seeks from even other motorcycle brand enthusiasts. I've had race bikes that had over 100k in parts in it, but you know what this thing is street legal and its got fire under its ass bone stock. My wife laughed at the sales guy and said you don't understand my husband he's gonna drop 20k in this bike to make it better, and boy was she wrong. I can't find shit to do to this bike. Really it does not need a single thing. Is it worth it, yeah! I'm gonna be taking mine on the track all ready did some canyon runs and I love it. Very easy to ride although I'm a little rough with V twin power bands... lol but I'm getting used to it. The electronics on it are not a joke, which most of it got passed down to the current models. I had a conversation with an R model owner at newcombs ranch for about an hour and he was mesmerized by my bike and was asking questions before I got my helmet off. For people to have doubts you'd really have to be kidding yourself when you say its not a good deal. Maybe some people like to justify their budget by stating a financial opinion on stuff above their budget.
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Nov 2013
Sbkarmen you can still take out the lights if you havent, and save a few kgs. And yes, carbon fuel tank too.