2019 Hypermotard CAT Delete.

Feb 2020
Hello all,
I am new to the forum, & also new to Ducati.
Just a little background on me. I was a service tech at a local dealership, one day I had to prep a Monster for a customer & during the test ride feel in love. from that point on I was hooked. Being a former Motocross guy the Hypermotard has always got my attention so long story short I finally got the chance & purchased a 2019 Hyper (base model). I have only had the opportunity to put about 150 miles on it to date,(its cold here in OH). I absolutely love the bike so far.. However I am wanting to do the ARROW MID-PIPE CAT delete & I was wondering if the stock ECU will compensate for this or if i will have to remap? I would like to try and get ride of some of the right off idle throttle inconsistency. I know that i will need to eliminate the exhaust servo when i do this & i was also hoping i could get some suggestions on this as well as a fuel remap controller. (if needed).

Thanks Grumpy.
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