Another new 1299S owner

Oct 2017
DC Swamp
They offered to let me test drive a 19S and a new 20S V4, to see how they both feel. Yes the 1299 was a bit raw feeling and I liked that. Seeing how the reviews of the 20S say it’s easier to ride, I probably don’t want that. But it’s hard to find a clean 1299S and I want a 17 with the upgraded windscreen, foot pegs and software update and of course by then, they had the nits all fixed. I really need to choose soon before prices go up or the 19 gets sold.
Oct 2019
Fremont, CA
Didn't know 17 had upgraded screen? My 15 came with a smoke bubble screen but I need to change the footpegs pronto. Boots are slipping when hanging off unless I conscious dig my feet in.