Best tool to use to remove 1299 clutch basket

Feb 2016
Long Island
Im going to be removing my OEM 1299 clutch basket and wanted to know what would be the best tool to help remove it? Ive been looking online and have seen some handheld tools but would like to get a quality one that wont break. Can anyone recommend a company? Ive also seen this one HDesa where the tool mounts to where your clutch cover normally mounts to. Anyone ever use this or heard of this company? The tool seems kind of pricey. But sometimes you get what you pay for. Unless someone has another company I can use. Ducati Panigale 899 859 1199 1299 Clutch Holding Tool
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Jul 2016
Nor Cal
Yeah the HDesa one works great I have one definitely can't go wrong. I have most of the other tools he makes as well they are all worth getting.
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