Carbon frame covers

Dec 2019
USA: Philly Pa & Venice FL
“Just” haha. Slip ons Sound, look and perform the same don’t they? I have Akra slip on on my 1299, which means the butterfly valve is still in place. I’m not sure if the v4 has any of that but I’m certain that the slip ons remove the cats completely soo

Yeah that v4 is going to be so smooth. Still gonna be wheelie king tho!
I installed some new ECU maps for my big twin and it did tame it down a bit at the in the low revs, also made shifting with DQS a little nicer but I think my quick shifter unit is ready to be upgraded to the HM unit, the Factory Pro spring kit and possibly an upgraded EVR CTS clutch.

Cant wait 4 your first ride review, coming off an 1199 and onto a v4. I’m obsessed with the V4 Panigale but don’t have one yet
Dec 2019
Queensland Australia
I'll make sure I can convey my thoughts about the bike once I get on the road, we are blessed with some of the best roads for day trips here in North Queensland whether it's up and down the ranges, along the coast or up in the Tablelands just got to watch out for the odd knuckle head in their car.
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