Cheap Fix for Panigale Overheating.

Apr 2017
Am I understanding you correctly - you only have 2 options for the fan turn on point with turn boy - 212 degrees (OEM) or 201? There's no adjustment lower? If so, that's lame.

I will still need a switch or some way to fool the sensor into thinking it's hotter than it is (resistor). What else would this effect through?


With the Tuneboy software, you can set the fan to turn on at any temp. I set mine at that level based on recommendations. The fan will likely never turn off if you turn it on much lower. But you can experiment with it if you like.

Remember, with the Tuneboy the fan will always turn on at 217 for the first event. This is done to remove the pressure from the system. After the first event the fan cuts on and off at the temps you set.
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Feb 2016
Long Island
Ok I fixed the issue where my fan error light was on. I had the wires in the wrong way. Originally I put the switch wire where the power was supposed to go. And I put the put the power wire where the switch was supposed to be. That was wrong. So now I put the switch wire where the switch goes and power wire where power goes. So now if I don't press the switch button on the fan still goes on when at 212-217 degrees (whatever the set temp is). Attached is the type of switch I used. When I press it to turn the fan on a red light turns on. So now when I walk away from the bike chances are I wont forget to turn the fan off because there will be a bright red light on.


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Mar 2015
Have you check the radiator cap mine has stuff all kms, 7000kms to be exact and I have a leak ontop of the cap.