DDA+ and GPS

Jul 2019
Honestly, the best thing to do is go to something like an AIM SOLO DL. I was sick of fn with it at the track and not getting lap times.
Sure Keith.

Ducati-Prosa might just learn from this thread? Taking it in as valuable feedback and improve on their DDA kit.
Afterall even Aim and VBox didn't get where they are without learning and improving their satellite based Laptimers from external input.

I still strongly believe that also Ducati with partner Prosa are able to improve their current gps based offerings (i.e. DDA+ & DMS-Link app) towards our wishes and desires.

This would hopefully in the end integrate solid gps functions seamless into a (almost :D) perfect bike instead us running to 3rd party solutions screwing ugly additional boxes onto our bikes.
I know. I know. VBox and Aim are specialised in this satellite based laptimer niche, but so is Prosa (are they?).

Anything can and if required should be improved upon. Keep on dreaming? ;)
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Mar 2018
Honestly, the best thing to do is go to something like an AIM SOLO DL. I was sick of fn with it at the track and not getting lap times.
That’s what I did. Spent 800 bucks on DDA. Ran 10 track days with DDA, it’s performance and limitations aggravated me enough to spend another 800 on Solo DL 2. The main hurdle was to figure out how to mount Solo and GoPro at the same time. Still tweaking that setup. I still use DDA for pretty lap timer on the dash, but it’s issues are not so critical for me now.
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Feb 2017
I modified my 1199 motoD GoPro mount to the left side of my BSD aim solo mount. Will run it at barber next weekend to see how well it works but seems solid.
Aug 2019
This thread saved me from purchasing the DDA+ and instead going the AiM Solo 2 DL route. Thank you all for the great feedback!

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Jun 2016
Austin, TX

Was this 'fact' under SIMILAR weather conditions and with SAME satellite antenna placing under SAME material (OEM or after market racing) fairing and did you do initialisation similarly for both bikes?:


I fully agree with you.

Yet if 'only' 16MB of RAM for which the DDA+ USB stick does all(*) its logging for, easily allows for more than a full day of trackrace recording, why would we as customers and Ducati-Prosa care for that matter?

(* - i.e. 9 datatypes and 10Hz gps antenna (@10 position/sec))

Larger RAM would only make the DDA+ product even more expensive? :eek:

Since besides installing a nowadays cheap larger xMB of xGB flash-RAM, this would probably require Prosa to enhance and test its memory allocation code for the ECU-OS coping with the Canbus dataflows. Which was I guess (specifically) designed 'back in the days' for upto 16MB when even this amount of flash memory was expensive. :rolleyes:
Clear sunning day (like most days in TX summer heat) stock bike with stock fairings with dealer installed DDA+. I believe it was mounted in the tail. Initialized in nearly the exact same location as the 1299 was. Basically from the factory to the track.

I now run an Aim solo 2, and it works flawlessly, however looks shitty mounted just above the triples vs. the dash integration of the DDA+ IMHO.

Couple of things would sell these like hot cakes:

1. Has to work flawlessly.
2. 4x mem to minimum 64MB (128MB preferably) to keep a little history on there if you want. Ability to save a session or PB.
3. Remove proprietary coding and use a more generally accepted format that we could export easily for video overlays etc.
4. 50Hz GPS
5. Minor premium over competitive high end GPS/datalogger, but nothing too crazy.
6. WiFi integration would be a plus

If they did this they would sell these like crazy. Maybe even sell rights to other manufacturers for additional revenue etc.

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Jul 2019
Clear sunning day ... stock fairings ... Initialized in nearly the exact same location
Well than you leave me puzzled as to why your V4 DDA performs worse than any/ your 1299 DDA and my V4 DDA (mounted in the back too)! Sorry.

May be the DDA satellite antenna module of V4 has a hidden production defect not rendering it useless but (much) less receptive?

We won't know why w.o. measuring the differences between both your gps modules. This can only be done with specialised Prosa equipment to measure signal/noise (dB) ratios differences under EXACT SAME (i.e. laboratory) circumstances.

To be honest, if your V4 DDA is still under warranty I would simply claim 'bad reception performance' with your Ducati dealer to have them swop this sat. module for a replacement.

Couple of things would sell these like hot cakes:
Yeah! Your wish-list nicely extends mine :D

If they did this they would sell these like crazy.
fully agree too. #highfive
Such a shame Prosa doesn't even reply to my emails requesting any insights into their intentions (if any) to improve DDA for us buyers :(
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Jul 2019
... 'unlimited' laps and sessions limited only to the point the 16MB stick is full.

Looking at the data from the DDA Graphic Analyser software on my Mac, 1MB seems to be around 1hour of data.
This would mean upto 16 hours of lap-session recording until the DDA+ stick is full!
@01COCCOBET Interestingly FYI!
I found this in Ducati's own 2019 Accessory catalog for all complete bike-gamma:

25 hours hours claimed for both V4 (P/N96580171B) and 1299 (P/N96580092A) versions of DDA! haha really?
Ducati Marketing is clearly NOT communicating DDA hardware Specs of its partner Prosa properly!
No surprise to me. Since they seem to suffer from the same internal mis-communication between (3rd party) tech & (Ducati) comms when it comes to DMS+LinkApp its commercially advertised 'ambition' vs. buggy reality!:(

As sad before here, in reality I come close to (only) 10-16 hours until memory stick is full.

Quite puzzled as to why this recording-time is so volatile since the data - for 9 by V4 DDA recorded fixed datatypes and gps track-info via 10Hz sat. position/sec - is normally a static fixed-length string when stored.
As a result, I would expect about the same amount of Bits and Bytes, therefore about same recording duration every time upto 16MB, until stick is full?!

Besides, from the 9 data-types recorded from V4, 'coolant temperature' is for SURE (sadly) not one I can choose/view in DDA Analyser software:

Additionally, 3 out of 9 datatypes recorded by V4 DDA are either useless or not recording/ displaying any data in Analyser SW:

Hello Prosa? This sounds like a BUG. Fix please.
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Oct 2013
@01COCCOBET Interestingly FYI!
I found this in Ducati's own 2019 Accessory catalog for all complete bike-gamma:


Hello Prosa? This sounds like a BUG. Fix please.
Which bike are you using btw?
I have the same channels on my 1299 DDA+ and torque fast and torque slow are for Traction Control and wheelie control detection.
I didn't know what they were at first due to the crap channel names, but after analysing some of my track data managed to figure it out I think.

Also, which email are you using to contact Prosa? I've been in email contact with them the last few days and they've been helpful. They did initially take some time though.

Since they've been acquired by Danfoss, all their contacts have changed:

[email protected]
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