DQS question

Nov 2019
Pittsburgh, PA
I've checked the manual but couldn't find it stated either way, but does the DQS on the 1299 work between 1st and 2nd or just from 2nd up. I think on my son's 959 DQS only starts working from 2nd on because it can't get passed neutral.
Dec 2019
USA: Philly Pa & Venice FL
My 1299S can shift through neutral. Should basically be automatic once you get going.
It’s tricky to find neutral for me and I’m considering the items in the following link. cycler on here has them for a lot less$$$

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Aug 2019
Mine on my 1299S works from 1st to 2nd just fine. Frankly I rarely do it because I feel I could get a false neutral if I am lazy. I usually use clutch through first and second.

DQS should work all the way up through box from first. Sometimes QS works better once you get some revs on.

I also find N hard to find in the box. Typically I have better luck if I push down from second getting it into N.