First Photo of the Ducati Superleggera V4

Jul 2015
Tokyo, Japan
I was sent a link to a site called project 1708 and titled dedicated to dreamers.
each week for the next 8 weeks I get sent a new teaser video of every part of the bike and design
so far it looks like it has carbon wheels, swingarm and frame. A dry clutch, Akropvic race exhaust, non Electronic suspension, and higher state of tune, it does mention that the aerodynamics are being significantly upgraded.
if you buy one of 500 you get to also choose to go to Mugello to ride your bike plus either a 2020 WSBK or MotoGp racer. Yes seriously.
looks like they have thrown everything at this one! It won’t be cheap!

WOW - and then after having dropped 100K on an SL, you get to ride a Ducati WSBK or GP, - and going back onto your SL you realize what an enormous step-down that is......a 100K step down that would be.... :oops:o_O Just the difference in performance between a WSBK and any consumer bike is staggering...
Apr 2012
Juneau, AK
Not sure if I'm digging that paint scheme
...I mean its cool....but not amazing

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Nov 2012
Yonkers, New York USA
I guess you either like it or you don’ for me, I wouldn’t care if it was green or polka dotted :)
Jan 2012
Newcastle, Australia
It’s meant to be a replica of the Ducati 2019 motogp paint design.
Oct 2017
New York
Just not feeling the giant wings. Maybe when I see it in person I can say “wow, that’s not bad”, and realize it’s still over my budget.
Aug 2016
I’m just not feeling it. Love to see one in person before I judge but so far I’m all set. I think the V4R looks more of the part than this one.
Jul 2012
Asphalt & Rubber has some pictures but they don't show the paint very well IMHO. The video on the project 1708 page is much nicer as the paint reminds me of the 1299SL color.
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