First ride

Apr 2012
Juneau, AK
Now that pavement is dry, got her out for the first time! Even if it was 35 degrees f. No spending its life as a garage ornament only with me.

Initial nimble, feels more agile than my girlfriends ninja 250, noticeably spins up quicker than my old 1199s. The bike is simply awesome.....the v4 can wait....this thing rules. Gets warm like any duc I have ridden, but it can sure feels nice in 35 degree temps so bring it on! I'm telling ya...these are affordable now...grab one while you can.

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Nov 2013
Bay Area
Gorgeous man!! You and Sherpa have me really thinking about getting one. Luckily I'm out of garage space at the moment. You two are a bad influence :D
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Apr 2013
Los Angeles
At 35 degrees, I'd be terrified to ride that thing. Hell, I don't even ride here in l.a. when it's below 50 lol.