Full akrapovic warning

Feb 2018
Capo Beach, Ca
Stupid question..... why is the bottom of his bike so exposed??? Does the stock bottom fairings & belly pan not fit back on once the akro is installed?

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Like Notec said, They shipped out the wrong ones.
The lowers will be installed next week along with a few other tasty parts.
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Nov 2017
Finally cleaned for a decent picture.

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Hi Nitrouz,
I found I had to replace the rear hugger as well, the standard unit leaves a big gap which the sticky rear tyre then throws crap onto the bottom of your tank, even if you use an under tank protector.
Jul 2019
lol....full akrapovic warning....its addictive!!! thats what it should be title...lol

i really want to get to track ASAP....none of video i saw on YouTube justified how much it sound like the GP bike.

after the upmap tunned, its even better, and upmap now offer akrapovic full exhaust mapping!!