GoPro Camera mount

Mar 2017
Where are you all mounting?

I've got the Ram mount that goes on the steering stem but I'm not a fan. I have a tinted windscreen and I'm also not a fan of the speedo being right in the center of my footage. I've run one off the side of my helmet but I also don't like feeling it on my head because the wind is pushing against it.

I had a mirror mount on my R1M but there seems to be far too much vibration to run it on the Duc. Interested to see if anyone has gotten creative with their setups.

Best I've done and this was off the side of my lid:



Jul 2012
I got both the CF and metal versions of the one that goes on the key guard...I use the metal one. It does show the dash and you are looking through an oftentimes dirty or scratched windshield. I’d love a mount for race fairings ...affixed to front of “headlight” fairing-
Dec 2018
SF Bay Area
I've got one that mounts to the lock cover bolts. I like it.

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Dec 2018
Upstate New York
Got the above one but no video yet. When the screw is locked down it comes measurably loose after a 2 hour ride with no camera accessory mounted. Once I decide on a position gonna loctite that puppy. Be aware future owners.

Interesting about the aluminum piece, does the extra weight reduce the vibrations, probably smoother video?
Apr 2016
Laguna Niguel, CA

Made mine from a piece of aluminum stock. Powered from the rear tag light.

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Nov 2018
Not sure of the easiest way to post pics on this forum from my phone but all I did was stick a go pro mount to the front face of the top triple. It's about half the adhesive surface and I trimmed the grey VHB off the exposed part of the mount. Works perfectly, really simple lightweight and cheap plus the cam is low and out of the way.