How to: Innovv K2 Camera Install

Jun 2019
I know this isn't for everyone, but I like to have an integrated camera with GPS, not only for the track, but also for every day riding. It's a great tool if someone pulls out in front of you.

Upon first looking at the V4 and seeing every nook and cranny filled with electronics, I thought I might not be able to integrate a camera system well, but very happy with how this turned out.

Sorry for the image sizes. I set imgur to resize them to 1024 but it didn't seem to work.

I'll start at the end. Here is how it turned out:

So, to start with, for the power connections I just installed crimp rings on the +12V and ground wires. Even though they are crimp, always remember to solder the wire as well:

There is a 3rd yellow wire that must be connected to a switched source. I decided to take the switched source directly from the ignition relay. It is the red/white wire that you want to connect to. I find the best way to connect, without cutting into the wire harness, is to remove the wire out of the connector and solder onto it:

Next came mounting the Innovv power module. This is where I chose to put it:

Here you can see where I put the gps antenna, as well as used the area for some of the spare wire:

Mounting the rear camera. I drilled a hole through the plastic and used the factory Innovv mount.

Wire rounting:

For the front camera, I drilled two holes in the black plastic at the tip of the nose, and then used a cable tie to hold the camera in place. A rather large hole also has to be created (I used a dremel with a carbide bit) to allow the connector to go through. The holes/cable tie and mounting can be seen below. The wire that is running in front of the headlight gets covered by the fairing when it is installed.

The camera is mounted right where a screw from underneath goes into the upper nose fairing. so, you have to install a cable tie, then put all the fairings together and screw them down (camera dangling from its wire), then cable tie the camera in place.

Here is the wire routing for the front camera:

The wire then goes across the top of the engine and down the shifter side rear frame rail.

This is where I placed the control unit:

I haven't cleaned up all the wiring along the rear frame rail yet.

Hopefully this helps if anyone is looking to do something similar.
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Jul 2019
thank you!!

i've been thinking about doing this, have a camera ready to install!