How to move to handle-bar switches?

Jul 2015
Tokyo, Japan
I am in the process of building my Panigale R into a track bike. In that connection I am looking at removing the ignition/key setup and just use handle-bar mounted switches instead (there is no risk of theft here, so the security aspect should be ok). I am however not really sure of the steps it takes to remove the standard ignition/key and install the switches. Do any of you have experience with installing switches and able to advise which steps to take in order to get this right as well as if any extra parts are needed?

Thank you very much for any input :):):)
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Feb 2016
Long Island
Im not sure if this helps. Or if this is what you want. I actually have the Jetprime controls on my 1299 and the right side on my bike has the jetprime controls that house the controls as well as the throttle assembly because I bought the bigger unit so that I wouldnt have the oem harley throttle assembly with the jetprime controls. Now I have one unit that houses the controls and the throttle assembly. But back to what you asked. This is their ignition system. Hope this helps.