How/where do you securely put your helmet on the panigale?

Apr 2019
(I just picked up a new 959 but this'll apply to both 959 and 1299)

When you don't wanna hold your helmet whilst ducking into the shops to grab a few things, how do you securely put your helmet on the bike?

On my old bikes I hooked the helmet chin strap D-rings under the key-removable seat then clipped the seat back in to keep it nicely locked up, but there's nowhere under the rear 959 seat to do this :(
Jan 2012
Overland Park, KS
if the helmet is expensive and you can't afford to lose it and you are in a questionable location, you should secure the helmet with your hand.

as a last resort, i will use a cable lock but put the helmet on the ground tucked away so no one can see it from afar but beware of heat from the bike.

but honestly, i would never leave my helmet behind; i would rather not go where i am going.
Nov 2014
Ligonier, IN
I either leave mine on the bike tank or take it in to where ever I am going, but my Reevu helmet is not a highly desirable helmet, and plus I just assume someone needs it more than I do if they take a super used helmet, I'll chance a single ride home sans helmet for the convenience, and grab one of my other helmets for the next ride.. Do not think I am ok with someone stealing my helmet, I would be pissed, but its a good reason to get a new helmet..
Jun 2018
there is no location.

I went and bought a D ring set from home depot that is used for picture frames and drilled it in.

Unfortunately, Ducati didnt think of including that :(
Apr 2018
I won’t leave my helmet anywhere, I’ll carry it with me. I won’t even park my 1299 somewhere if it’s out of my eye sight.


Dec 2018
At your 6.
I take my helmet with me and then use it as a basket when i go shopping.

Then i stuff everything in my jacket and look absurdly overweight on the way home.
Never big silly things.

But still.
Aug 2013
Jacksonville, FL
Do a search I posted some pics on how to hang the helmet on your bike securely.