How/where do you securely put your helmet on the panigale?

Apr 2019
I found a couple of things but this forum doesn't let me post pics - it says it needs a moderators approval - anyone know what I need to do to post pics/links?

Anyways, for the time being you gotta use your imagination or google it:

Sato racing Front clipon lock looks ok.
Sato racing rear pegs look like you'll come back to a freshly roasted helmet.
Random combination carabiner looks ok but I reckon it'll be be cumbersome.

Any other ideas?
May 2016
I use a gun lock. It's perfect.

Small and fits in a pocket or backpack. Locks the helmet through the chin guard on to the foot peg.
Keeps it off the ground too.

Sold in the US to fit through the slide of a handgun, I'm in the UK and got one from ebay from a paintball shop.
Jul 2015
Oslo, Norway
The helmet fits perfectly over the instrument covers and top yoke. The radius of the front screen is approximately the same/a bit bigger than the helmet, so it fits perfectly. It doesen't fall and you could lock it in place if you want.
Jul 2015
I just hang it on the mirror. Been lucky so far but my bike is always visible from where I’m standing. I also carry a chain lock with me so I can put it through the chin guard and around the rear pegs