Just received my Jester Exhaust

Jun 2019
I have to say the shipping was ridiculously quick coming from the UK to Canada. I ordered some parts from the US at the same time and they are still a week away! So thanks for the quick shipping!!!

I'm taking the exhaust in to be ceramic coated satin black tomorrow. It will probably be two to four weeks before I get the pieces back. I'll take some pics of the pieces when I get them back.

I won't be fitting the exhaust until spring. I want to wait until I finish the 1000km break in and get the first service done. After that, I will dyno the bike, then fit the exhaust, upmap and sprint filter and re-dyno.

Until then, here are some pics. The quality and design looks great. I'm very happy with the purchase, especially at this price point. Can't wait to hear it! If this exhaust sounds good and performs well with the upmap, this is going to be a go-to exhaust!

Oh, and if you look at the pics, the db killers really look interesting!

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Feb 2016
Long Island
I ordered a few Vandemon undertail exhausts a their new belly exhaust for customers. If they shipped an exhaust out on a Thursday from Australia it would clear customs on Sunday in NY, I would have it delivered to me Monday in NY. When it was drop shipped to Texas my customer got it on Wed.

What is their website? I tried looking it up but only found jester68evokit.com and it didnt show any exhausts for Ducatis
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Dec 2019
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I’m excited to see it blocked out too, it’s going to be fantastic.
I’m also excited to see dyno results with this exhaust both both with original ECU and once the ECU has been recalibrated.

It looks like the exit diameter of the Jester are large like that of the Akra on 1299. Below is a picture of the exits of the full Akra on my buddy’s V4S. The exit diameter of the Akra is very small especially with the DB killers in place. Thoughts?



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