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Jan 2020
First time posting hello everyone !


2015 1299 Panigale S

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I loved mine also, I unfortunately don't get to ride anymore... I suffered a stroke about 7 months ago and fortunately recovered.......*however* the Dr. suggested I give it up. ( If I had another one going a buck thirty on my 1299 it would most assuredly be lights out) so I'm out of the riding business for now anyway..I've had several liter bikes and pulled the trigger on the 1299 quite honestly because of the way it looked ...beautiful machine.. I have to be honest though...the heat on my legs ? It was intense at times ....might have been the termi exhaust...butba small price to pay for that mid range torque...and sound. Never thought I'd be dealing with these kinds of medical issues at 48 years old ...a real downer..." But other than that Mrs. Lincoln... How was the play ?"

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Dec 2019
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223, keep your 1299. Clean it up real nice and put it on display next to your TV or fireplace. It is a piece of art and hopefully it will keep your moral nice and strong.
Wishing you the best of health

1299rFE, thanks mate. It was my favorite bike ever since the 1199 purely because the looks made and continue to make my jaw drop. She’s power wheelie happy even in 5th gear, it’s insane. I understand now why the 2020 Panigale models all have downforce wings.
I would like to trade the 675 Daytona for a 2020 S1000RR or V4S, but the V4S is $39,300 out the door with Akra installed. Maybe in 5 years...