Low Windscreen option on 2020 V4?

Jan 2020
Hi all
Does anybody know if the standard 2018/19 V4/S windscreen will fit on the new 2020 bikes with the V4R fairings?

I thought that the V4R fairing and windscreen was a different fitment to the original V4/S? However, the Motomillion listing for the Ducati Corse windscreen says it fits all models of V4/S/R, and is the standard part with the V4R.

Obviously, if the tall V4R windscreen fits the V4/S, then the short V4/S OEM windscreen should fit the R.

I strongly dislike the tall V4R windscreen that is fitted to the new 2020 bikes. I know it is aerodynamically better. But I cannot stand how it looks. So it would be great if anybody knows if the original screen fits the new fairing, or if there are any other options for a lower profile (smaller 'bubble') screen?

Many thanks