New 1299S Owner

Oct 2019
Fremont, CA
Wanted to introduce myself. Riding for almost 20 years and sport riding for 12 of them. Owned a FZ6, FZ1, Daytona 675, S1000RR and still own a Tuono V4 Factory, S1000R, Tiger Explorer XCa. The S1000R is going up for sale first and then maybe replace the Explorer with a KTM 1190 for proper ADV riding.

Stayed away from Ducatis due to $$ and reliability concerned but finally bit the bullet when mid-life crisis seemed imminent :D.

So what are the must have mods/fixes that need to be done??? Plan to order T-rex crash protection. Any other fixes wrt throttle, fairing clearance etc that can be DIY immediately.

Its a 2015 stock and mint with only 1477 miles. HaulBikes is getting it delivered in the next 2 weeks from NC to CA.
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Nov 2018
You can ride it out of the box 100% stock no problems, but if you want to bling it there is no limit. I would just ride it for a while and see what you like and get the suspension setup for your weight and style by an expert. Do the fluids and then burn some rubber :)
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Oct 2019
Fremont, CA
Recalls and Fluids all done. I was only concerned with the Fixes. Given how expensive the stock fairings are, I might run aftermarket fairings on it just in case.
Apr 2017
That's a nice find. I bought my 16 S with 1,200 miles a year ago. I may never buy new again because you can always find a guy who bought new and never found time to ride it.

Personally I never mod my bike. Got much grief over license plate holders from more than one bike lol. However, should you decide to get a tail tidy you will greatly regret motive the lines.

Performance wise the torque of this motor make a a great street bike. It could be better fueling for ride ability down low.
Dec 2019
USA: Philly Pa & Venice FL
I bought 1299S this year too and kept my Daytona 675, it actually keeps my insurance lower than if I got rid of 675.

Ducati Spacers - must have

BrenTuning reflash

Fender eliminator:

Bar end mirror

Mirror block off plate w LED turn signals built in:

Radiator guards if it’s going on the filthy streets

Clear clutch cover with sexy internals if u have a ton of extra income to throw at it.

Seriously tho, ride the bike as much as you can. You dont need to do any of these aftermarket items. Just ride ride ride and when ur done park it in the living room for everyone to enjoy
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Dec 2015
South Africa
I think taking those plastic covers off the cylinder heads are a must do mod. The engine is way too pretty hide.

Annaftermarket strain Guage quick shifter also makes the ride more enjoyable.
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Jun 2016
Air filter, exhaust, tune, throttle spacers and a tail tidy is all the bike needs in my opinion. From there its all a matter of taste.
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Jun 2016
With mine, I find an engine tune is a must to prevent the engine from stalling while slowing to a stop and carbon subframe covers to prevent the heat from roasting your inner thighs.