New rearset for Track Bike?

Jul 2015
Tokyo, Japan
Hi All,

I need a bit of advise on rearsets. I have been running the CNC Pramac Racing for a while. On the road, the rearset worked well, but on the track I am not a fan. There are too many moving parts, the geometry is not how I would like it to be (despite being quite adjustable) and the shifts are less precise and crisp than I would prefer. I have been looking into a few alternatives, and among others considering:

Ducati Corse
(I can get one through a friend. This is the WSBK version, and while it looks nice, I am not sure how it performs)

Gilles Tooling:

Panigale 899-954-1199-1199R-1299 reverse shift – Spider

It would be great to learn from the experience of fellow track riders, so if any advise on what works well on the track, is durable and has a simple design, - I would very much appreciate your input. Thank you.
Apr 2017
I ordered the Gillis Tooling the summer before last and waited so long I gave up. Perhaps it was from the place I ordered from.

At some point I will get an aftermarket set as I find the stock set a touch too low.
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Apr 2015
Get a set of Woodcraft rear sets for the track. They have GP and regular shift. Tough as an anvil. Woodcraft also stands behind their products. If you ever need help or advice, Eric Wood, is a gentleman. He is also an engineer, I believe. Very simple design. Very functional with no slop even after a couple of hard seasons. Parts are replaceable. Gilles is horrible. They look great but I've broken the shift rod, twice. By the way, if you've ever seen Eric race a bike, the guy can "flat out carry the mail." It's obvious the Woodcraft rear sets were designed by a racer who happens to be an engineer.
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Mar 2016
Woodcraft are not a bad choice. I went with Bonamicci and am happy with them. They have race pegs which have super aggressive knurling, the standard pegs would probably be fine for a grippy peg.
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Dec 2015
United Kingdom
Check the rod-ends on the CNC Racing ones. As supplied they are cheap and fail early, resulting in sloppy changes. I replaced mine with better quality items and shifts were improved.