Panigale 1299 s

Nov 2019
Hi, I'm looking for an up map key for Panigale 1299 s for fitting Akrapovic slip on cans ? Can't find one anywhere ? Part number is 96510291A thanks Scott
Nov 2016
Mid Nth Coast NSW
Pick up a used rapidbike module for it instead of the one size fits all upmap. I had the upmap on my 1199 with a full system and found it just ok, I picked up a used rapidbike and have run the same unit on 2x 899's, 959 and the 1199 they have an office in QLD and I just send it when it needs programming for a different bike support is outstanding and they also have a blipper that fits it which I have if you head that way.
Dec 2019
USA: Philly Pa & Venice FL
Hey, first post here for me too.
From what I gathered, the UpMap allows the bike to run without the check engine light on, but that’s it.

I ordered the BrenTuning handheld flasher now that it’s on sale and it is on the way. I would recommend this for you at this point and will confirm once i get my 1299S flashed.

I also found a discount code from this forum that lowered the price even lower than Black Friday sale price

Basically Akra slip on is King, upMap isn’t a fix. Lots of reputable ppl trust BrenTuning
My service writer said not to go with an add on module like a DynoJet, but did recommend BrenTuninng flash when I brought it up