Please check all your bolts

May 2012
Someville, Somestate
I tried blue on my header shield, did not hold. Moving up to red, and if that doesn't work green. Then what? JB weld?
Jan 2013
yep, a watchfull eye revealed a loosening of the DP rearset (the part you stand on).. not good..
May 2013
Frederick, MD
I was riding around Reagan National Airport on Saturday and suddenly couldn't up-shift. Stopped and checked only to find out the bolt that tighten the shifter with the engine gear rod was completely out. It was still there because the oil fluid hose trapped in from falling off. The thread is damaged. I need to bring it to the dealer to fix.
May 2013
West Coast
I wonder if anyone have had any unreachable bolt come loose like on the engine or something?
I did a retightening exercise yesterday at 1K miles and found quite a bit of body related hardware loose, even the ones that hold my Evotech radiator guards.
Windshield, side mirrors, fairings, engine heat shield covers at the knees, seat.
panels above the forks inside the front wheelhouse.
Check anything you can reach!