Project 1708 aka Superleggra V4

Apr 2013
Los Angeles
Highly unlikely.

To make it is one thing. To make it MUCH better? Impossible. Ducati isn't going to mass produce a motogp bike to sell to the public. HP Race is already a bad ass track bike to begin with.
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Jun 2017
Denver, Colorado
I spoke with someone from Ducati that I know yesterday and got the run down. I got a lot of the details. It's definitely going to be a phenomenal bike and I'm seriously considering getting one. That said, it's $100k and as others have pointed out in other threads here, with a dry weight of 335lbs and 234hp (possibly more with the exhaust?) is it really worth spending over 2x as much as what it takes for a V4R? All of that for 4 more hp and 22lbs? I don't know.

The ordering process is similar to the 1299SL and that's already set up and in place. The build process is already mapped out and you can pick your slot. Ducati is clearly trying to make the experience as special as possible. That said, it's still $100k and when you think of what you can buy a 1299SL for today, it does give you pause.

I also wonder about the market for 500 $100k bikes worldwide.

As I said, I am seriously considering it but I have some real reason for pause.
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Sep 2019
I'm sure it'll be an amazing bike.

But, a standard V4 or a V4R, plus titanium bolts and carbon wheels is not very far away.

And, no one really seems to be using carbon frames in racing? So, not sure what the real benefit is?

Obvs, if you want the top spec Ducati, no matter what, you'll love it!

Would I buy one, if I had the money, probably

Although, I only use my bikes for racing or trackdays, and
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Nov 2011
Norfolk. UK
As has been said, no doubt this will be a phenomenal bike but it's not $100,000 dollars worth of phenomenal. Despite the "experience" they throw in with the purchase price (see below), the bike itself is not really that far removed from a well prepped V4R. Granted the frame, swing arm and bodywork are carbon and they have thrown some titanium at it, but despite all that, it is still only 22lbs lighter, most of which you could achieve for much less on a stock V4R.

In addition, at way over double the price, you are only gaining around 4bhp, which in the right tuners hands you could match on a stock V4R. As ever all the power figures are at the crank so you'd expect 10%-15% loss through the final drive. Seems it's a case of pick a price and see how good the marketing is to reel in 500 customers. Notably the "experience" package makes up at least $20K of the asking price, so once the original purchaser has used it, will affect the resale value, as it obviously won't be available to any future owner, so the bike is essentially only worth $80K if sold on.

Here is the spec sheet

V4R Superleggera Spec.jpeg
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Nov 2018
If you have the disposable coin, then why not? People pay millions for supercars that are essentially useless on a practical level except for insta bling and telling the world how fuck off rich they are. It always amazes me how many Ducatis turn up for sale with zero or next to zero miles because they were purchased as something other than to ride. I suspect an "average" V4SL owner is not going to thrash the tits off one like a cheap GSXR track bike and risk their so called investment turning into lightweight smaller pieces. These bikes are so much better than most riders and beyond stupid for the street so its really about the exclusivity and bragging rights for a lot of people at 100k. Its not a motogp bike, not even close but it will be a beautiful work of motorcycle art and for those who can afford one to ride hard absolutely go for it! I was having a conversation last night with a mate and he asked if I could afford one and the short answer is yes I could and they would probably be about 150k here but I'm just not able to justify spending that kind of coin on a toy. I think I would get just as much enjoyment from blinging an R if I wanted to go for that end of the V4 spectrum.