Quick Shifter delay time

Jul 2015
Lebanon, TN....Lincoln, UK originally
Can the delay time for the DQS be changed via the menu. I scanned my manual for my 2015 1299S, but didn't see anything.

Upshifts, using the DQS, seem to take a long time for the power to come back on. I can actually shift faster manually than the DQS.

This is certainly not the case on my Tuono.the power barely seems to drop when I quick shift.

So I wondered if there is a delay that can be changed through on of the menu entries,


Feb 2012
Not in stock form. Tuneboy (& I imagine other aftermarket systems) will let you adjust it.
Dec 2015
United Kingdom
There is something wrong with yours. There is no way I can change up manually faster than the quick-shifter on mine.
Mar 2018
Sydney, Australia
My panigale V4 is the same.
I came off a Tuono and it punched into the next gear and kept powering on where as my panigale cuts for too long to the point of the front dropping.
Does it most of the time at most rev ranges other than just cruising.
I mentioned it to the dealer on my first service and they said there was nothing wrong but I am taking it back in for a few things and will be asking again as it is annoying.

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Jan 2016
Cape town
On my 1299 with stock shifter I find a big delay between 5th gear and 6th gear sometimes I almost go through the fairing.
Apr 2017
I forget if it's Aprilia or BMW (I've had both) where the cut times are depending on the rpm. Don't know if Ducati does the same.
Mar 2014
Germany / International
On my 1299 with stock shifter I find a big delay between 5th gear and 6th gear sometimes I almost go through the fairing.
i have the same issue, its very dangerous as i feel as if the brakes are applied and then the bike fires forward.
i tried to monitor the performance of the Qs and it was better if i let the bike rev to the higher RPM, but still from 5th to 6th i still get fired through the screen ...
i was hoping the EVO update would have improved things, sadly not the case
Jun 2015
Shreveport, LA
Same here. Once I hit 7500 miles I'll have the dealer look at it, since it's a few hours away. On the track I turn the blipper feature off because it's unreliable from 6th to 5th, too. Something is up.
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Jun 2015
Nashville TN
could be the quickshifter sensor - it's mechanically spring loaded. Fairly frequently, I go through my entire rearset linkage and make sure everything is greased and clean. I've occasionally run into overly long ignition cutouts...only to find that the sensor was sticking. It's pretty easy to check - the electronic part is that small black rectangle screwed onto the shifter linkage. Take that off and you can see the thing that mechanically moves back and forth to trigger the sensor (in either direction depending on upshifting or downshifting). Something is sticking though - there's no way I could possibly shift faster on my own than the instant 'pop' of the DQS.

Adjusting delay times via Tuneboy is definitely diving down into a rabbit hole. I've found perfect settings on my Multistrada in the past, but as soon as I start up or downshifting differently, say more aggressively or being lazy on a Sunday cruise, it's off. I realize that ideal settings can be eventually set, but mapping a quickshifter really requires finding the right delay time based on engine load, RPM, and throttle position. In each gear. Takes quite a bit of time to get it right...and not too long to get settings off track and screw things up!
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