Radiator and Oil Cooler Screens

Feb 2020
Charleston, SC
Good tidings all,

I got my first Ducati in November, and brand new unboxed 2019 Panigale V4. Coming from Harleys and a Triumph Daytona 675, I am in love with this bike and want to keep it on the road as long a possible. I ran across a good deal on some R&G radiator and oil cooler screens. I don't track my bike and ride to work, school and back and for the occasional Saturday cruise. Are these screens a good idea or will the hamper the cooling functions of my bike? Are these going to do more harm than good? Are they more of a flashy decoration piece vs being functional? I was talking with my brother who has owned bikes longer than I have and he said for his bike, a Aprilla Tuono, they are not a good idea since they restrict air flow and the air flow already isn't good on his Ape and they have notoriously underpowered cooling fans.