Rear brake 1199..??

Feb 2020
Hello i have a Ducati 11 99 model 2013 my problem is that the rear brake is off and the motor does not stop because i am a new owner and i do not know so is the motor or i have a problem with the rear brake
Sep 2015
Siem Reap, Cambodia
The rear brake is off... do you mean that the rear brake has been physically removed from the bike? The motor doesn't stop... does the motor not stop (as in it can't be turned off), or does the bike not stop because of issues with the brake? I'm going out on the limb, but if the rear brake is missing, I would think you have a problem there. If the motor doesn't stop (cannot be turned off) either through the use of the key or the kill switch, the problem isn't related to the rear brake, missing or not.