Superleggera Throttle Spacers

Apr 2012
Juneau, AK
Why didnt I know about this mod back in 2012 with my first 1199? Just installed these on the sl last night....took all of 10 min and by far the cheapest mod ever. But quite impressed at the result. Makes for a much smoother control.

Of all of my bikes this one scares me the most. More so than the h2. H2 has the power but this bike is so light I feel like one little screw up and it's over. Fun though and probably my favorite to ride.
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Jan 2012
Overland Park, KS
I found out late as well. Felt like i had missed out on all the smooth commuting i could have had.
Aug 2018
Hillsboro, OR
Did you see the disclaimer about the throttle possibly sticking open?