titanium parts - what else do you want?

Jun 2012
St. Louis
There are aluminum front axles available which would be lighter.

But a rear axle/hub would be tits! Yes on the rear caliper holder too!

Light weight horn too! :D Seriously though, that thing is heavy.
I have the axle, it is very light! Rear caliper holder would be awesome.
Aug 2016
Canyon Country
As Gecko said it wouldn't be any lighter. I looked at it last night and it appears to be aluminum already. I thought it was steel.
Sep 2012
From where? Bellissimoto said they can't get them even though they're on their website.
Axle: TPOParts has a luxury one (US), MVS Performance a good one (DE).
Rear caliper holder: IM Manufaktur (DE), but it is heavier than OEM. I think EndoDoc have let him made really lighter and stronger ones manufactured.
You'll find a picture of the heavier one here: http://ducati1299.com/ducati-1199/23696-bling-rear-brake-carrier.html

F1 skid plate: That was really some time ago and I have no clue why the guy had to mill it. But he could do it for a living :)
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Aug 2015
The rear brake hangar is about as light as its going to get. Additionally, it is all but not visible unless your going to say "hey check out my rear caliper bracket" so Im going with a "low on the totem pole" on this one. Now if your going to make one to fit the 64mm race calipers or the Moto3 front caliper then it makes sense. The TPO aluminum axle is lighter that the Ti unit I have from Kyle racing and has been bulletproof and again, you really cant see it. The rear drive axle is really cost prohibitive. We made 3 of them and i know NCR made a few of them. You really have to have traceable stock to start with as this is a rather critical part and you have to have some pretty sophisticated multi axis machines. The units we made were made at Northrop Grumman and we used fully documented/traceable material that was meticulously inspected before and after machining. I really cant think of any other substantial pieces that are "user friendly" to install except for the clutch rod. Ti for the flywheel and the starter ring gear would offer a fairly robust weight savings but these are not something most are going to be able to swap. My 2 cents. Worth= 2 cents.
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Aug 2016
Canyon Country
I just discovered another one tonight installing my carbon wheels. OE wheel spacers are steel! WTF. They are pretty hefty too. Aluminum would be sweet.