Trackday bike preparations

Jan 2019
I took the same advise and purchased a set of track only bodywork from Motocambria. $1200 painted. If you don't want to go with a full set of rear sets (depending on your size) the DP pegs are awesome!
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Feb 2018
San Francisco, CA
take your OEM body work off and buy race fairings you'll thank me when the bike goes down.
Get rear sets too
Throw on a pair of lever guards. axle guards, bar ends.
Replace your clutch cover with something that can take a hit , I run Woodcraft products, cant go wrong with his stuff. Eric is a dedicated racer and an engeneer
What's the difference between OEM fairings and race fairings in a crash? (Genuine question - I simply am unaware of a difference but would like to know before I have to learn through experience).

Also does anybody have or can anybody link me to a tutorial on how to disable the rear light?
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Feb 2018
Sheldon, Vermont
Track day fairings , are made from fiberglass and can be repaired. They are tougher than the OEM fairings as well.
In the event of a crash the oem stuff wears through, cracks and can shatter.
To replace the upper fairing on your bike is the price of the entire kit from Armour Bodies.
Your bike has $3,000+ in OEM fairings, race body can be had for $600.
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Dec 2019
USA: Philly Pa & Venice FL
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Feb 2018
I have Motoxp on right now, they are good esp for the price painted. I am switching to with a set of fairings with a belly pan for this season.
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Sep 2019

Is that the one? they have so many options

These ones look sweet but out of stock

Also what’s up with drain the antifreeze and replace with just distilled water? Isn’t that fancy pink Ducati coolant good enough
If you spill coolant on the track, it needs detergent or concrete dust to deal with.
Water evaporates and/or is easier to clear up, whilst also not being as slippery.

So, no, the Ducati coolant isn't good enough!
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