Trackday bike preparations

Sep 2019
Brentwood, CA
Shark Skinz makes an R style track fairing set now but they are $1600. Once you get them painted they are nearly the cost of the OEM set. If I was racing my V4 o would go with the Shark Skinz. For trackdays i would stick with the OEM ones then switch to the 2020 style if i crash them. Or buy the OEM kit for $800 and just leave them unpainted.
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Feb 2019
SW Michigan
I plan to purchase the Ducati tail light blank off (97110831a) and the bypass plug is (96510961A) for the tail light. Has anyone found a good alternative to these apart from taping them up (which is how I am doing it at the moment)?

I havent managed to locate an undertail blank off plate for when the license plate holder is removed. Is there a Ducati supplied part for this as well?
I use the trak brand light covers. The head light cover is perfect. The tail light is so so. I had to add tape to properly cover the tail light. TrakBrand Light Covers
Nov 2018
What's the difference between OEM fairings and race fairings in a crash? (Genuine question - I simply am unaware of a difference but would like to know before I have to learn through experience).

Also does anybody have or can anybody link me to a tutorial on how to disable the rear light?
the rear light you just remove the seat (2 x 4mm allen bolts) and unplug one of the cables underneath the left hand side back corner - it's pretty straightforward.
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