TSS lightened flywheel

Feb 2013
Bump. I’m interested as well. Anyone know the weight of a stock 1299 flywheel?
Aug 2015
There were a couple of places making those things. Other than a racing app, I'm wondering if there are any harmonic considerations in a street bike without internal precision balancing as you would have in a race motor. Its a part I never really looked at other than stock. That plus the starter ring are a decent amount of rotational weight.
Nov 2016
Mid Nth Coast NSW
I tried to get the TSS lightweight flywheel for my 899, as I said above I think it's an equivalent to the 1199 R flywheel. I couldn't get a response from them at all so I just went with the stock 1299 stator and flywheel (which is lighter than the 899) but would have liked the lighter by 800 grams TSS flywheel.

But I did put Ti bolts into the flywheel and dropped 13grams. I could show images but this site makes it too fuking hard.
Mar 2012
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
I'm trying to order a lightened flywheel for my 899 project that will have a 1299 stator and cover when it arrives.

Anyone have one of these flywheels installed? I assume it's basically an 1199 R style, or anyone have any dealings with these guys?


I sent them an email re shipping costs and they came straight back with 60 euros for shipping to sydney

Pretty expensive shipping for such a small part.
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