V4 Panigale Clutch Fade Problems

Jul 2019
@Cheme85: Tx 4 your contribution.
Clear. So access heat invoked clutchfade as root-cause can only be experienced initially, over time must stop and if not another root-cause (i.e. outside-in leakage) is added to the mix.
Makes total sense.

This generally stated clutchfade issue is created by one or more (combined) root-causes.
Good luck hunting!
Jul 2013
I would offer my experiences with 3 different models of Ducati's

1. 2008, 848 Base did the same thing. Stopped after I installed an Oberon clutch slave.

2. 2014, 1199S clutch was even more problematic. Didn't feel like spending the money on a clutch slave, and just bled the whole system every few weeks.

3. 2018, V4S has very similar issues. Not as pronounced as the 1199, but there as well. I have been forced to bleed it at least 3 times this year since April 2019 purchase.

Bottom line: It needs an aftermarket RCS clutch cylinder and probably a slave as well. But I would rather spend my money on other goodies.
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Nov 2018
Its annoying, but not terminal. The first time it happened I didnt click what was going on as there was still a bit of clutch, but worked it out and bled it, about 5 minutes work. That was after 12000 trouble free k's then again after another 1000, thought I might flush the system- just because the fluid looks dark and who knows it, might work? I only use the clutch very lightly while riding, at stops mostly otherwise its quickshifter and throttle control.
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Sep 2019
Wanted to add my 2 cents on this topic.

I've had clutch fade problems ever since I picked up my V4S last summer. It got to the point where I couldn't even negotiate a parking lot - which requires a lot of fine clutch action to avoid people/cars/speedbumps/etc - without losing the entire throw of the lever.

I tried several solutions that I found on the internet, including (1) teflon tape around the bleed nipple threads; (2) changing my fluid reservoirs and lines; (3) flushing the system. None of these worked.

Then during my last service visit, the tech recommended changing my fluid entirely from the OEM to Motul 660. Since then I've done 2 months and 1,000 miles, with zero clutch fade. It's been as reliable as the cable clutches on my older bikes.

Highly recommend this solution if your clutch fade is bad like mine was.
Aug 2019
I just dont see how the fluid is causing this. Brake fluid can withstand high temps. I think it's more of air getting into the system. When you had the fluid just recently changed maybe the dealer got all the air out. Just makes more sense
Sep 2019
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Dec 2019
USA: Philly Pa & Venice FL
It's still clear after 1,000 miles. On the other hand, I was constantly bleeding/topping up my OEM fluid, so it was always a good color. So I can't say for sure until I get more mileage under my belt.
that’s great, I’ve gotta start renewing my fluid more often. Do you have a power bleeder? Could you link which one you use?