V4 Price Negotiations... Does it exist

Oct 2012
St. Louis, MO via Detroit, MI
I just feel like I can't pay retail cost for any vehicle. My Dealer was not willing to come down, a couple hundred dollars ($700 to be exact) on the V4 base. Is this the going plan of all dealers? I've owned the 1199 and 1299S and both got deals on them. But he's not budging on the V4. Anyone got any type of deal, hopefully in the midwest, on their V4 so far? Could be because the 'riding' season really hasn't started yet and/or new model release... Granted I can afford the MSRP cost, but I can't find it in my soul to pay MSRP cost.
Apr 2018
He doesn't have to budge when they are selling themselves. My nearest dealership has sold every V4 it has had (incl. a Speciale), & all the incoming deliveries are reserved. Just the supply & demand game.
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Apr 2017
Why would a dealer discount something for you when the next guy behind you will pay full price?

Lesson one on economics. Supply and Demand. Supply is low and demand is high. Price is what the dealer wants you to pay.
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Mar 2015
People want the latest and greatest and prepared to pay, its coming into summer in USA so you would have 0 chance.

And they need to make coin, they make more money on second hand bikes anyway.
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Sep 2013
Deals do exist, you'll have to wait till the initial surge of buyers dies off. Fall would be a good time to start asking around. I called around and was a able to get a quote for 1500 off MSRP plus no dealer or assmbly fee on a 1299FE, which people on this forum said you won't get a deal on it. I ended up getting an exhaust for my 13R instead.
When I bought my 13R back in April of 13' I was able to find a dealer to give me 2000 off MSRP OTD less tag on a bike they had to order it was delivered in OCT. Remember this was the first R of the panigale series and people at the time didn't know the 15-17R were on the horizon. Don't be affriad to travel out of the area or state.
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Jun 2015
Like said above. When the stock stops moving, prices will adjust by dealers. Demand / Supply. Economics 101.
Apr 2018
I know people willing to pay 1500 more just to get Their hands on a V4 right now... I was one of them

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