V4 Price Negotiations... Does it exist

Dec 2012
I am a member of 3 credit unions they do not have the greatest rates right now the best I have seen is 4.50 so 5.15 isn’t bad.

Use that to find something cheaper.. I know its for a car but you can find good rates for a bike as well. I got my loan at fairwinds credit union for 0.89% APR.. !!! Its for 36 months though.
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Dec 2019
San Jose, CA
Yes, I have tier 1 credit and it’s 5.15% for 60months through Ducati with 10% down.
Good morning Sean,
Thank you so much for the detailed information. I am planning to put 55.5% down and I also have tier 1 credit so I am curious how my dealership going to offer to me.
Hopefully or at least the same rate as you. The only think is, I never finance through Ducati financing before,... but I did have very good financing record with Honda (Car).

Thank You also to other members that contribute with advise regarding credit unions:
I want to go only through Ducati finance because several reasons:
a. I am buying from out of state so going through Ducati Finance will simplify the procedure plus I plan to pay off sooner than 60 months anyway.
b. Some local credit unions that I am eligible to join have rate that is not much lower and some even higher than that 5.15%
c. I want to established credit with VW Group so hopefully it will help if I buy an Audi sometimes next year
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